Monday, November 09, 2015

Why Do You Vote For Them??

I read an article today that said people of Kentucky are in a panic because their newly elected Governor wants to do away with their wildly successful state healthcare program.  Well, waaaaaaaah for them.  Why did they elect him, anyway?

He proudly proclaimed that he would do just that in every one of his campaign speeches.  He couldn't have been clearer. But, they elected him, and now they're bitching and moaning because, SURPRISE! he was telling the truth about his intentions.

I would love to think that he only won because his Democratic opponent didn't offer him any competition, or he won because nobody voted except the Tea Party. 

But, I really think he won because voters seem exceptionally stupid in recent years.  I could weep.

Stay tuned.


Margie's Musings said...

Betty, you have hit the nail right on the head. I have said for several years that 45% of voters are completely ignorant. They don't study the issues and they pay no attention at all to the platforms of the candidates. They make it some kind of a popularity contest then have to study the consequences.

Otherwise, why would anyone choose to vote for the host of a reality show for president? Ignorance!

Olga said...

I have heard so many people say they vote for the candidate not the party. To me that means you choose a candidate on the basis of some subjective, often random, characteristics you perceive in a personality and have absolutely no considered life philosophy or thought out criteria whatsoever.

But it is a big surprise that a candidate was telling the truth!


stupid people

maggieO said...

I am not in Kentucky but I am guessing the people complaining did not vote for him. I am pretty sure that he did not get 100% of the vote. I complain about Obama, oh yes I do, but I did not vote for him.

Judy said...

I AM from Kentucky and there were many of us who opposed Bevin strongly!
Look at the numbers:

Popular vote
Bevin 511,771 Conway 426,944

Bevin 52.5% Conway 43.8%

And yes we are horrified and complaining about Bevin's plans for our state. The Republicans and their PACs tied Conway to Obama in nearly every ad that was run. So when you see that happening in your own elections be aware of what can happen !!

I will also point out that sadly and distressingly (is that a word?) many of the complainers did not bother to vote--for them I have no pity!

savannah said...

we are all weeping, sweetpea! too many of our fellow citizens are either too damn dense or too damn lazy to care it seems. ASTOUNDING! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

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