Monday, November 02, 2015

To Debate or Nor To Debate

Ignoring the fact that political debates are never really debates, if you'll excuse my French, I'd like to talk about the cluster-f***k that is this year's lineup for the Republican Primary debates.

The candidates don't like the way they have been treated so far. Waaaaah! The media hasn't been fair, asking those pesky questions and expecting a serious answer.  It's the "liberal media's fault they have resorted to ignoring the questions and started attacking their fellow candidates, something that will have Ronald Reagan spinning in his grave. He was the guy who intoned, "Thou shalt not criticize fellow Republicans."  Snrrrrk!

So, they had a meeting last Sunday night to decide what should be done.  The only member of the RNC who was permitted to attend was Rrrrrrrrreince Prrrrrrriebus ( with the unpronounceable, and unspellable name), who tried to calm them down by kicking a fellow Committee member to the curb.  Apparently, that didn't work.

The upshot of the meeting was, apparently, they don't want the media or the networks to be involved in any more debates.  Someone suggested that they sponsor the debates themselves, and get Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and some guy I never heard of before, who has one of those wacko talk radio shows, to be the moderators.  Sounds good to me.  Let's run with it.

Someone else suggested the debates be conducted on Facebook or Twitter (140 characters at a time?).  Maybe a You Tube video would be better.

I have an idea.  Let's not have any Primary debates on television or on the internets. Let the candidates hit the road and get votes the old fashioned way - by talking to people face to face.  Let them conduct town hall debates, with all 15 candidates forming a caravan of buses, and traveling from town to town, state to state.  It wouldn't take long for them to start dropping like flies, either from boredom or lack of stamina.  Last two left standing can flip a coin and decide who will be the candidates for President and Vice President. 

The big winner gets to debate Hillary.  What fun!

Stay tuned.