Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How is He Anyone's Hero?

I can't figure out why this wacko, Bundy, wasn't dealt with years ago.  He owes over $1Million in grazing fees, and has for decades. 

He has been warned that his cattle will be confiscated, and still he resists, and the government lets him.

He has lied about the length of time his family has owned the land - says they bought it in the1850s, when he actually bought it in the l940s and didn't buy any cattle until the l950s.  He's nothing but a fraud, and if I were in charge, I'd send in the troops and round up those cattle and take them away. 
If he opens fire, they should blow him away.  The guy is a common thief, and should be dealt with that way.

It is ridiculous to think a bunch of old coots with guns can make the BLM back off.   This is not Waco or Ruby Ridge.  If they let him him get away with his stupid standoff any longer, the ranchers who have been obeying the laws would be justified in refusing to pay their fees, and then what will happen?

I can't believe I sound so militant, but it makes me furious when someone can simply declare that he doesn't recognize the government.  He probably gladly accepts a Social Security check every month, and whatever subsidies he can get as a rancher. If he doesn't believe in his country's government, he should move to some other country, and stop enjoying the largess he has obviously enjoyed for decades.

So there.

Stay tuned. 


Judy said...

I agree! I bet there's a law against withholding Social Security etc but if there weren't that'd be the second thing I'd do to him after I'd had a big cattle roundup!!

Olga said...

he waves an American flag so that makes it okay apparently.

marlu said...

I thought I heard that his cattle were grazing on public lands!
Very confusing. . .

Betty said...

Judy and Olga: It's a world gone mad.

Marlu: His cattle were grazing on federal lands.

Anonymous said...

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