Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Four Branches of Government - WHAT?!?

Rep. Markwayne (Biff) Mullin, R. Oklahoma thinks there are four branches of government - Executive, House of Representatives, Senate, and the Judiciary.  At least, I guess that's how he figures it.   And he thinks they all ought to cooperate.

"This country isn't ran (sic) by just one individual, it's ran (sic) by four branches that are in control of it. As long as those three branches control it, then we all have to figure out how to negotiate Not all of us is (sic) going to get 100% of what we want, but we should do what's right." Huh?  Sounds a lot like Rodney King, doesn't it? (Can't we all just get along?") 

Except for the "four branches" statement, I suppose he was right, although I don't think he said what he meant to say. Because, he doesn't really want everyone to cooperate, unless he thinks "cooperate"  means we should agree with him and his Tea Party pals.

 Note to Biff:  As long as you're not working, anyway, get your kids to teach you how to conjugate verbs.

I'm told this guy went to Harvard. Lots of Tea Party types seem to have gone to Harvard. This is a bit disquieting, frankly.  Harvard, the last bastion of eastern elitism. If Mullin is an example of what is coming out of Harvard these days, maybe we should start re-thinking the idea of sending our kids there. The same probably goes for Yale and Stanford, too.


Stop the pressses! Lindsey Graham is outraged that the Senate Gym doesn't have any clean towels because of the shutdown. Seems all the towel boys have been furloughed. Listen, this shutdown isn't  supposed to inconvenience the office holders - and besides, that gym is getting pretty stinky.

Boo hoo, Lindsey. 

Stay tuned. 


Olga said...

No clean towels?? What an outrage! Some one should DO something!

On the other hand, think of the money being saved by not paying those towel handlers...leeches on the butt of society the way they are. Let's just hope that they made a payment on their student loans before the furlough.

Anonymous said...

You really need to pull your head out of your ass. This whole division of the people in regards to government is exactly what the power brokers want. NOBODY in the government is on your side!!! Your constant vitriol against Tea Party and Republicans are myopic at best. What about Obummer saying there are 56 states? What about idiots like Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein, and Pelosi. Until the people wake up and vote out ALL incumbents, then you are going to maintain the status quo. Lifetime politicians are the bane of this country and definitely not what the founding fathers intended. I find both parties and their fringe aspects distasteful and a detriment to the country.
Please wake up!

Betty said...

Olga: Those poor Senators. I wonder if it has ever occurred to them to take their own towels to the gym.

Anonymous: At least I don't mind putting my name on my opinions. Until you can do that. I'm not going to delete your message, because I want everyone to see what a coward you are.

Tincanman said...

Poor Anonymous. He wants to pretend he hates all politicians, wants us to stop speaking the truth about the regressive tea party types, wants us to believe the real 'idiots' are the Dems he lists. Next time Anonymous, list your real name and turn down the volume on your Fox News Channel so we can have a conversation.
Betty: I bet Lindsey was more outraged the boys were gone, not so much the towels.

troutbirder said...

Well said, Betty.