Thursday, October 17, 2013

But, We're Not a Racist Community

The people of Harrison have a long history of racism.  Or, I should say, long, long ago we had a racism problem.  It's no secret that this community had a problem with black people 'way back in the, what, 40's and 50's?  There was once a small black community here, until some of the locals decided to rid the area of blacks.  So, they hanged some and the rest took the hint and left the area. 

This is probably what gave rise to the KKK headquartering just outside of town and they are here to this day. But, I don't think the KKK is responsible for this sign that was recently erected, and is the cause of some consternation here.  Just when we thought we were making headway ridding ourselves of the scars from our past racism, someone has stirred the pot, again.

No one seems to know who is responsible for the sign, so a local sign maker is taking most of the heat.  He refuses to say who hired him to paint the sign, because he wants to protect the owner's freedom of speech.  Most people seem to think he should have refused to make the sign. I think I would have refused to make the sign.

I definitely think we should find out who paid for it, because I don't approve of anonymous signs (or, anonymous blog comments).   Because I would like to ask that person what his sign means.  It could be clearer, don't you think?  Does it mean, "if you're against racism, you're against white people?" In that case,  does it mean "if you're white, you're a racist?"

All I can say is that if you want to put up a sign in Harrison, you ought to learn how to say what you mean and not leaving people going, "Huh? What does that mean?"

What do you think the sign means?

Stay tuned. 


Olga said...

I think it means racism is an active choice based on pure ignorance.

Arkansas Patti said...

I heard this story on the radio as I was coming back from Batesville today. What a shocker but I was encouraged the newscaster said that the local citizens were taking an active stand against that bigot. I am glad to see you doing that also. Surely there are more of us than them.

Tincanman said...

It seems to mean if you call out racists for what they are, you are a racist. Typical non-logic of the hatemongers when called on their racism. The racism in Arkansas goes back at least to my grandfather's day to 1897--and probably longer.

marlu said...

It makes very little sense unless you think like a racist.

patsy said...

I just came by to check on you in case you had posting maybe and look here you have been posting all over the place.
you should have let me know. you could have yelled out your window.