Monday, December 03, 2012

Just Lazy, I Guess

For some reason, I can't bring myself to blog, lately.  Must be a combination of things:  I can't think of anything to write about, and I'm not feeling all that well.  Poor me. But, I hope you won't give up on me. I expect to start ranting and raving again about something or other pretty soon. :)

Jay and I went to Omaha, Nebraska, for our almost annual Thanksgiving visit with Kelley and Allen.  We had a good time and finished our Christmas shopping and wrapped everything, so we could leave the packages in Omaha, thus avoiding shipping costs.  Smart, huh?  Not so much, it turns out.  

On the way home, I decided I hadn't bought enough presents for everyone.  So, after we got home, I got on my computer and ordered several more gifts.  And, it's all Kelley and Allen's fault!  My very generous kids sent us home with a 42" TV, and told us they were going to buy us a TV stand to go along with it. This made me feel like a piker. 

It is actually not unusual for me to decide to buy more gifts for the kids after I though I had finished my shopping. That's what comes of finishing my shopping by Thanksgiving, so I can feel superior and brag to my friends and sit back and eat grapes and watch them hit the malls every weekend.  But, not this year.


To further prove that I am rapidly losing my marbles, I have no idea what prompted me to schedule an appointment with the lab at the doctor's office for a blood sugar test on December 26.  What kind of masochist asks her doctor to test for high blood sugar on the one day of the year that it will be at its highest. 

Old age sure does funny things to people.


I guess you heard that Barack Obama will still be our President until 2016.  You may recall that I had to stage a media blackout in my house for the last few weeks of the election.  It was just too nerve-wracking to even consider the idea that we might be stuck with Mitt Romney. 

John Boehner and the Tea Party seem to think they can get away with the same antics they pulled during the last four years.  Hey, John!  The President doesn't have to try so hard to convince you and your minions to cooperate with him any more. He won. Its amazing how freeing it must be to realize you don't have to spend any more time campaigning.  Furthermore, the Senate was strengthened by several new Democratic members and although the House is still in the majority, they were weakened with the loss of some of the Tea Party members who made asses of themselves on national TV, and lost their elections.

The next four years should be interesting.

I'll try to get back in the mood to blog, soon.
Stay tuned.


savannah said...

it's good to see you again, sugar! write when you're ready and i'll sure as hell read it! xoxoxox

Betty said...

savannah: Thanks. I'll try to do better, soon.

Peruby said...

I have to start shopping late because I don't quit. I just keep buying and buying and buying. I am not the kind of person who says, I am done. I'm never done!

I keep thinking "I must do more, I must do more!"

Sister--Helen said...

I, like you Betty, almost could not bare to watch election news there on the last....But not it is like Christmas. Let's hope Obama holds his ground now that he has nothing to loose. It seems he is going to. I am hoping the next 4 years he will throw caution to the wind and do the things he feels really need to get done. Screw politics, just do it....wait I've heard that somewhere before....

Margie's Musings said...

I miss you when you don't blog, Betty. Make yourself get back to it. O.K. ?

fiftyodd said...

You should try having Jacob Zuma in for a second term.. it's going to happen. It is only thanks to the eternal optimism of the human spirit that we continue to survive (wherever we live).