Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Secession: What a Good Idea for Some

All these petitions from states wanting to secede seems like a big old overreaction to me.  Although, I wouldn't mind taking a few states up on the idea.  The state of Texas leaps to mind. Would we really miss Texas?  I think not, as long as they let our friends out first.  Then, there's Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia , South Carolina and Louisiana, Arizona and maybe Oklahoma, for good measure.  They could all be annexed by Mexico.  See how they like that, because they certainly couldn't support themselves without being part of another country, no matter what they might think.  Imagine what would happen if they found themselves on their own.

They would be begging for foreign  aid as soon as they became a separate country. 

Of course, all these petitions are just symbolic.  Nothing more than a hissy fit by voters who didn't want President Obama to win.  They'll get it out of their systems eventually. 

It would probably help if I stopped gloating.  I can't help it.  I want to go up to every ignorant hillbilly in this county, maybe in the whole state, and say, "I told you so!  Seems like Arkansas is always on the wrong side of history.

And, isn't it ironic that Romney got 47% of the vote? It may end up being less than 47%, actually, if they ever finish counting all the votes.  Goody.


Wow! General Petraeus sure screwed up, didn't he? The investigation shows that he didn't break the law, just his marriage.  From what I have read, he had a habit of cheating on his wife, so it's possible she knew about it all along.

My ex used to say wives usually know when their husbands are cheating.  It's only when it becomes common knowledge and embarrasses her that she feels she has to do something like filing for divorce.  By that he meant "drunk and out of town doesn't count", I guess. He also used to say a man could cheat and still love his wife.  He had a friend who once told me, in all seriousness, "If  my wife died tomorrow, I wouldn't marry my mistress." They were both full of it.


And, now there's another general who has been touched by the Petraeous scandal, thanks to the terrible twins, one of whom sicced the Feds on Mistress Broadwell.  General John Allen may lose his chance to be the next commander of American Forces in Europe. Supposedly, he wrote lots of flirty e-mails to Jill Kelley, who complained to the FBI about Broadwell's "harassing e-mails" to her.  Then, the FBI agent gave the information to Rep. Eric Cantor, who simply sat on the information until after the election, to the disappointment of either Ms. Kelley or the FBI agent, or both, who may have been hoping for all of the mess to come out, thus damaging President Obama, somehow.

That said, when are these people going to realize that there is nothing truly private about e-mails? 


Well, I'm going to be in Omaha, Nebraska for Thanksgiving week.  We're leaving Saturday, so you'll be rid of me for a week or so.   Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Stay tuned.


Linda@VS said...

Hahaha! Betty, we think a lot alike. I wrote a post last night in which I suggested the U.S. might be more than happy to get rid of my state, Louisiana. The problem with saying "I told you so" to the Arkansas hillbillies and the Louisiana good ol' boys is that there's nothing anyone can ever say that'll convince them their point of view is wrong. Ignorance used to be bliss; now it's angry and hateful. I blame the Tea Party, Fox News, and half a dozen right-wing religious radicals for that change.

Lo said...

Applause, applause, Betty. We think alike. Do read my blogs of yesterday and today if you can. You'll like 'em.

chlost said...

Yes, it would serve them right to give them what they say that they want. Let 'em go!
The scandals in the military have a lot of details that I don't think we are hearing. Powerful people get stupid. But if the head of the CIA didn't know how to cover his tracks, no one can. You've got to wonder what other secrets are not very well protected in our country.

Betty said...

Linda: To tell the truth, I'm a little surprised a bunch of people in Arkansas haven't signed petitions.

Lo: I've noticed we seem to be in tune with each other.

Chlost: We'll probably never hear everything that is known. I'm sure Petreaus thought they were being very clever. If he wanted to be secretive, he should have picked up the phone. Nobody would have thought twice about all the phone calls to and from his biographer.

Olga said...

When I read about the Texas petition, I said, "Now there is a petition I would sign myself." My husband said, "I would too...except then I would want to live there." It is hard to be in amixed marriage sometimes.

NitWit1 said...

As a native Texan I am offended by comments. The vote for Democrats in Texas was highest it's been in years, and a little campaigning there might have seen the tide turn back. It was once a Democratic state till we repeatedly sent so crooked politicians to Washington from both parties. AND NO! LBJ DID NOT CONSPIRE TO KILL JFK. After all they were both Democrats.

My husband wants to move to Canada which would be fine with me as I breathe best in cold air, literally and mentally.

I have decided to remove myself from blogging as I have found a life after blogging since my heart procedure; there is so many things I can do which reguired more energy than I had to give, that I now feel compelled to try. My husband will be delighted. Buenos Dios.

Betty said...

Olga: I'd sign it, too, for the same reason you would.

NitWit1: Texas will be a red state again as soon as they correct all the redistricting.

I'm sorry you're not going to blog any more, but I'm happy that you are feeling so good.

Big John said...

So General Petraeus resigned for 'playing away'. It's a good thing for us Brits that Nelson didn't do the same over Lady Hamilton.

Hughes ap Williams said...

As a person who spent almost ten years as a police dispatcher, I keep wondering if twin Jill Kelly has the common sense to be embarrassed about her call to the police claiming diplomatic status.

Does she understand how irritated the police were at her stupid claim and, later, how much they were laughing at her?