Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Hiatus is Over

I'm back just in time to rant and rave about those pesky Republicans, but I'm going to save all that for another day.

Today, I want to tell you about my son, Jay and his blogbuddy, Matt, who lives in Ohio.  Two years ago, they decided to co-host a talk radio show on Blogtalk Radio.  You all get around more than I do, so you've probably heard of it.  I knew of talk radio, on the radio, but not on the internets, so it came as a revelation to me.

Anyway, they titled it "I'm With Stupid" and as you can imagine, they talk about a lot of "guy stuff," like sports and women and commenting on current events. They make fun of politicians, occasionally. and for a while, now, their show has rated in the top ten among Blogtalk shows, in the Humor category.    

Lately, they have been conducting interviews with various people and last week, it was my turn on the hot seat.

So, if you have ever wondered what my voice sounds like - hint:  a little old southern lady - here's the html for the show:  Take it away, Mat and Jay.

Listen to internet radio with Im With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio


Olga said...

I will have to give that a listen. I'd like to hear your take on the Republican Convention.

kenju said...

So would

Betty said...

Olga and Kenju: If you want to hear what I thought about the Republican Convention, just stay tuned. I'll sure tell you. lol

Big John said...

Nice to have you back Betty.