Tuesday, September 04, 2012

GOP (Geezers on Parade)

Has the Republican Party lost its collective mind?  It says a whole lot about how low the formerly grand old party has sunk when you read the long list of untra-right-wing speakers.  How cowardly they are!  Couldn't even invite their most recent president and vice president to the convention, let alone ask them to speak.

Hey, Republicans!  You elected them. You own them.

I freely, even proudly, admit that I didn't watch the Republican convention.  Whatever I know about it, I gleaned from the media accounts, which was more than enough.

Does anyone know any more about Mitt Romney than they knew before the convention?  Doubtful, as he is as secretive as Richard Nixon.  Apparently, his speech didn't mention Iraq or Afghanistan.  They weren't invited to the party, either.  Shunned, just like Dubya and Cheeeeeney.  Condi Rice is apparently still in their good graces, however.  But, did anyone see Colin Powell anywhere in the hall?  Donald Rumsfeld?

And, poor old Sarah Palin.  Not only wasn't she invited, she had a spat with Fox, and disappeared from the scene.

The idiot, Todd Akin was spectacularly banished, but his ideas weren't. Has anyone noticed that one of the planks  in the Republican Platform shows complete agreement with Akins's, and Ryan's ideology when it comes to women's reproductive concerns.  By "concerns" I mean they aren't concerned at all about what women want or need.

What can I say about Clint Eastwood, except that after all these years, he finally made my day.  I don't think the publicity about his conversation with a chair did much for his day, though.  His rambling, profanity and long, pregnant pauses while he attempted to think on his feet, were embarrassing enough in the short news clips.  I can imagine how humiliated Mitt must have been, not to mention Ann, who isn't very good at hiding her feelings.  When asked her opinion of Eastwood's performance, all she could manage was an insipid smile and "heh, heh, heh, Clint is unique." Mitt's only comment was through an aid, who said, "Mitt thought Clint was funny". Which tells you all you need to know about Mitt's sense of humor, mainly, he doesn't have one.

According to the polls, the convention didn't give the Mittster much of a "bounce".  And, rightly so. The circus came to town last week, and the only performers were the clowns.  

On to the Democratic Convention.  Frankly, I don't expect much from it, either, as the conventions have become the most boring game in town in recent elections. 

It's anybody's guess who will be elected. If it's Romney (God forbid), the only bright spot will be that Paul Ryan will be gone from the House of Representatives, and deposited squarely onto the off-ramp to oblivion, where many past Vice Presidents have found themselves.

Stay tuned.


lucylocket said...

I'm so glad you're back!

Olga said...

Oh, dear, getting Paul Ryan out of Congress is a good idea. Maybe the Republicans should use that in their political ads.

Big John said...

On this side of the Atlantic the whole election process seems to be a bit weird, but Clint Eastwood ! Blimey ! That was something else !