Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stoopid Is As Stoopid Does

The Republicans are making hay in New York because their candidate beat Democrat David Weprin in the interim election to  fill Anthony Wiener's unfinished term.  "This is a referendum on Obama," they bleat. The comment immediately becomes the media question of the day. "Does this mean Obama is in trouble?"  In a word, NO.  Redistricting is going to do away with that seat in 2012 anyway.  This is no big defeat for the Democrats. 

Some of the pundits are suggesting that Weprin lost because he lost the Jewish vote.  Again, NO.  Weprin changed his tactics in mid campaign, and went on the attack against Obama, for some odd reason. The Democrats really don't want to elect someone who does that.  As for the Jewish vote, well, judging from recent photos of Weprin, if I were Jewish, I wouldn't vote for a man whose photo reminds me of Hitler. I'm just sayin'.


Michele Bachmann brought the crazy once again and is consequently taking some heat for claiming that some woman told her that her daughter became mentally retarded after she was given the HPV  vaccine.  It seems much more likely to me that the girl simply grew into the family gene pool. 

The medical profession is appalled.


Sarah Palin's in the news, again.  This time, the story going around is that Glen Rice, a basketball player for the University of Michigan had a one night stand with her years ago, when the team was in Anchorage for the Great Alaska Shootout.  Glen admits it. So far, Palin hasn't decided whether it will help or hurt her image.


Pat Robertson says it's OK to divorce a wife with Alzheimer's, as long as she has custodial care and somebody to look after her.  He said, "If he's (the husband) going to do something, (cheat on her), he should divorce her and start over." I get it.  It's morally wrong to cheat a wife who no longer recognizes you, but not morally wrong to dump her.  The man's a fool. Always was, always will be.


Margie's Musings said...

The man is more then a fool. He's an idiot....always has been always will be. He has no sense of commitment.

Maria from SilverFox said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry over all these stoopid, stoopid people. Enjoyed your post.

Arkansas Patti said...

You always manage to clear a path though the BS. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The one about Pat Robertson is a bit of a tender spot for me. There are so many issues that go along with a decision to divorce a spouse in a "normal" situation, and it is even more so in this one. Many times, divorce is the only option to allow the healthy spouse to keep a home, or to maintain the family assets for their future. It is never a decision made easily, and most often is one that should not be judged by anyone outside of the two people involved...not by Pat Robertson, not by me, not by anyone else. Sorry, my rant......

patsy said...

I can not believe the things P. Robertson says. he is beyone recall. I have heard of people who divorced to protect their home from being taken by the bill collectors when they were unable to take care of some one but the one I heard about that comes to mind a woman. did that put her old husband in a home then lived with a neighbor.
I would like to ask patty R. if it was ok for the woman to do that? I am sure he would say she she be stoned.

sally said...

You and I have similar views on Pat Robertson's recent mega blunder.
Love your writings.

Sister--Three said...

What is the world coming to...these folks are OUR leaders!

Patti said...

Hi Betty,
I don't usually discuss politics, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by!

Enjoyed reading about how you got into Words with Friends. I started playing a few weeks ago, and I stink at it.

I never get the right letters! haha