Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pass The Popcorn

Watch out, Dianne! Here comes Orly! Apparently, birther wacko Orly Taitz has decided to run for the U.S. Senate against Dianne Feinstein in California. Maybe Rick Perry will reciprocate and endorse her, since she bestowed her endorsement upon him a couple of weeks ago.


Ralph Nader says he is going to try to convince some Democrats to enter the Democratic Primaries against President Obama. I don't see that happening in this lifetime, but he can try. Give the old boy something to do. He says he won't run, himself, which is probably wise, considering how he and the Green Party helped defeat Al Gore.  We know how that turned out.


In Arkansas news, the much beleaguered Lottery Director, Ernie Passailaigue, has at last stepped down. Our lottery has been a mess from the git-go. The first thing that irked Arkansans was the $340,000+ salary he was being paid. Good grief, people! Our Governor only pulls down $84,000 a year!  When he came to Arkansas to fill his exalted position, he brought with him several people who had worked with him wherever he came from. They each make over $100,000 a year.  All that, and we still don't have a REAL state lottery.  To me, in a lottery, you can buy a lottery ticket worth however many Millions of dollars are available.  In our "lottery," we have nothing but scratch-offs tickets, ranging from $1.00 each, on up to, I don't know how high they go, because I never buy more than a $2.00 ticket.  However, I'm pretty sure that those little $1.00 and $2.00 tickets won't result in me winning $1 Million or more.

Note to whoever will hire the next Commissioner:  Maybe we could find someone who actually lives in Arkansas to take the job.  And he/she might hire other Arkansas citizens to work for him/her.  I bet they'll work for a lot less. I'm just sayin'.


Did you watch the Emmys Sunday night?  For some reason, all those awards shows just draw me in like a magnet.  Anyway, whoever decides on the nominees should be ashamed of themselves. They are snobbish enough or jealous enough to look down their noses at extremely popular shows and their casts, such as NCIS,CSI, Law and Order (and, their spin-offs), and Criminal Minds,  yet they embrace all the sleazy (and cheap to produce) so-called "reality" shows.  And, they continue to nominate Jay Leno and David Letterman, when these days and for a few years now, they just "call it in" when they're not on one of their many, many vacations.  And, newcomers such as Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon, who are actually still funny and entertaining, are ignored. .


I try not to ever say "never" about anything. So, I didn't feel very guilty about tuning in to "Dancing With The Stars last night. I have never even been tempted to watch that show, but I did it for you, my faithful readers, so I could report my observations. You're welcome. I will also admit t0 a certain amount of curiosity. I wanted to see if any of the "stars" could dance, and to see if I recognized any of them.  I just couldn't imagine Nancy Grace dancing.  Oh, come on, you know you couldn't either. But, she was actually kinda cute, bouncing and smiling and all.  And, Chaz Bono,  well, all I can say about Chaz is that he sounds just like Sonny and I wonder if he can sing.  They were the only two who made any kind of impression on me, but one thing became obvious as the show wore on, and on, and on.  It's a shoo-in for an Emmy nomination next year.


Lastly, I found a short article about a Texas man who was suspected of being a serial rapist who targets older women. He told a jury that he was sexually abused as a child, has been visited by aliens and has three other personalities inside of him, including one named Bobby, who is a "bad, bad person" and David, a black Great Dane.  Now, being a tolerant person, I can accept the alien visitation and even multiple personalities. But, unless David is a tall black person from Denmark, I would have to draw the line at that.

Stay tuned.  


Meryl Baer said...

Great information and entertainment! Dancing With the Stars (when watched on Demand (Comcast)) is one of those shows you fast forward through three-quarters to actually watch the dances; it can be great fun.

patsy said...

I am really disgusted with Obama but I don't see anyone knocking him out of the nonmation so he is the best we have. R. Nater is like me he has out lived his time.
horror of horrors if the repub. should defeat the democrate.
truth be told I am disgusted with all of the politicians in D.C.
things are so bad in our country I was watched TV the week-end that Irene came roaring a shore, I was hopeing she would wash wall-street out to sea.Now that is really short sighted of me.

Olga said...

I did not watch the emmies--I never do watch award shows. I did watch some of Dancing with the Stars, but I just ended up being annoyed by all the filler stuff--like the idea of just watching the dancing on demand. I love the on-demand channel because we don't have a DVR.

Big John said...

I agree with you Betty about those "extremely popular shows and their casts, such as NCIS,CSI, Law and Order (and, their spin-offs), and Criminal Minds". There is so much crap on British TV these days, that I record just about every US crime series going.

Janie B said...

Entertaining post. I won $6.00 last week on the lottery. Ha! I just can't bear to spend money and get nothing, so I rarely buy into the lottery. I hope you are right about the next person in charge.

Dianne said...

when I first read Dianne I got excited! I thought it was me
how cool to have a Tea Partier coming after me
I could finally beat the crap out of one of them legit