Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scattered Thoughts

Because it's the silly season, the Republicans are all over President Obama for going to Martha's Vineyard for a ten day vacation. But, you don't hear them complaining about Congress being out of Washington for the entire month of August. Exactly what should  Obama be doing?  Rattling around the White House, drumming his fingers on his desk, twiddling his thumbs?


Also, because it's the silly season, there are all sorts of expressions of outrage over the President's campaign bus. In the first place, it isn't just for him. The Republican candidate will have the use of the bus, too, if he/she wants it.

According to the Secret Service, building a bus for campaigning is cheaper than leasing, in the long run. When they lease, the bus has to be retrofitted for security purposes and then, at the end of the lease, it has to be de-modified for return to the rental company.

As for the complaints that the bus was manufactured in Canada, George W. Bush purchased a bus from the same Canadian company in 2005, for his campaign.


Bachmann quote, in a headline:  "I'll get gas under $2.00.  No more bean burritos for you, Michele.


Astronaut Ron Garan posted some pics from the International Space Station on his Twitpic account. I notice that one of them depicts the world as round.  I guess the Flat Earth Society can disband, now. Case closed.


Now that we have a twelve-member Super Dommittee to solve all our deficit problems, I guess the rest of Congress can stay home until after November, when they'll have to vote on the committee's proposals.


In his Democrat-Gazette column, Gene Lyons predicts that Rick Perry will be the Republican nominee because "the Republicans just can't help themselves."


Big plans are underway in New York for the 10th anniversary of the bombing of the Twin Towers. They have invited everybody but the first responders.  Bad form.  According to Denis Leary, "the first responders weren't invited 10 years ago, either. They just showed up".  Good on ya', Denis.

Stay tuned.


Kay Dennison said...

Actually, I'd like to put some members of Congress on a permanent vacation. I think the technical term is 'kicked out'! :)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

As always great post!
I have been getting lambasted for my observations of the dummmies running.

Love what Denis Leary had to say.
he's great....and right.

Cazzie!!! said...

I wrote something about the anniversary of the twin towers the other day, and it was in relation to the year that I had my Sarah. In was nursing her when it came on the Tv and I thought I was watching a movie or something. i could not believe it was live TV, and I started to scream. Then I wanted to fly over there and help people. An amazing reaction from far away. we are all one big family aren't we? So sad. Unbelievable.

patsy said...
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patsy said...

I deleted my comment because I did. as far as vacations go I wish they would all stay on vacation. I would like to see a another canidate on the democrate side but I guess that is dreaming. I am not happy with Obama 1. the wars. 2. he lets the repubs shove him around but I course I don't want the Texan, Perry for president or that stupid womam Mechele Barff man and call me a biget but I don't want a Morman in the white house so I guess it is Obama or else.

Darlene said...

You always make me laugh, Betty. "No more bean burritos for Michelle." Tee Hee !!!

Sister--Three said...

Michelle is the one who said...
Slavery wasn't so bad ...the masters were good to the slaves...something like that.

I think she should say, 'just call me stupid'. Or 'I mind my husband'.

Rick Perry is a Ken Doll is what he looks like to me. If the Rep. could have someone like Huckabee, I might consider them. I see no choice at all! I will just stay home and not vote.

patsy said...

Sister 3 likes Huckabee cause he named her teach of the year one time when he was gov.
Me I like him cause of his squirrel cooking story , he cooked squirrels in a pop corn popper when he was in college in his room. He told this story to some reporter in New York city and they though he was telling tall stories.
They didn't know how good fried squirrel can be.
I don't like him well enough to vote repub.
Don't forget Perry said he was going to with draw Texas from the union. he is squirrely with out a popper.
Sis is staying home, cousin Winnie has refused to work for Obama and Donna in Mo. is threating not to vote.
Did you see where Christina O' Donnel walked off the show on CNN and said the British sounding reporter was creepy?
He ask her about mastbating , that probably not the way to spell that word but you know the word for having sex with your self. she said he was creepy and she was trying to sell a book she had wrote. now that is creepy.
I will get off of here before Betty starts charging me for parking.

NitWit1 said...

I am still sitting on the fence watching the show on either side. I may just stay there and write-in Barney Fife.

Margie's Musings said...

I don't now what to do. I wouldn't vote for Michele or Perry if they were the only two running and yet to not vote at all is to capitulate and let some idiot have the White House. I will have to vote for Obama if that is my only choice. At least he has a brain even if he has no guts.