Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's It To Ya?

I'll admit that I haven't paid a lot of attention to the Casey Anthony trial.  However, I HAVE been watching with fascination the reactin of the crowds of spectators and wondering, "What's it to them?"

I don't know if Casey killed her daughter in cold blood, accidentally, or if the child somehow got into the pool unattended and drowned and Casey panicked and hid her - or some other scenario - and neither do those rabid spectators. I tend to believe the jurors when they say the prosecution didn't prove their case. In a trial where there is the possibility of a death sentence, I would expect the jury to deliberate for an extended period of time id they were divided.

The fact that this jury came back with a verdict of not guilty so quickly tells me the extent of their reasonable doubt.  It suggests that the trial left more questions in their minds than answers. And, that the decision was unanimous from the get-go.Now, the prosecutor has decided to retire, and he's not exactly leaving on a high note.

The question in my mind is what has caused so many people to overreact about the verdict?  They can't possibly know what actually happened.  But, you'd think they all had some intimate knowledge about the case or some personal interest in it.

Now, y'all know that I have a theory about practically everything that happens and this case is no exception. Here's what I think. Since those spectators don't know the first thing about what really happened, I suspect they are simply always looking for things to be enraged about. Something like the Anthony trial, with all its media atention, gives them an excuse to vent the anger they feel about their lives in general.

Once again, we can condemn the media for their unquestioning acceptance of Anthony's guilt. Nancy Grace (or, I like to think of her as Nancy DISgrace) is notorious for jumping to the conclusion that anyone who is accused and arrested for a crime must be guilty.  But, she and the media don't get to decide, and hat's a good thing..

Another thing the media has put forth is the idea that being found not guilty doesn't mean the accused is innocent.  At least one of the jurors in this trial has bought into that.

The fact is there is no such thing as a verdict declaring a person is innocent. As far as the law is concerned, a person is either guilty or not guilty. Case closed.   

All I can say is Thank God we don't depend on public opinion for our verdicts. This prosecutor didn't prove his case, pure and simple  Juries like to have solid evidence, not just circumstantial, before they decide to put someone to death. And, personally, I wouldn't have it any other way.

After the O.J. Simpson trial, attorney Jerry Spence said,  "If he did it, just remember, you can't beat the big one".  By that he meant O.J. will ultimately be judged by a higher power, and he won't be able to beat that one.

That might be something to remember when we think about Casey Anthony.

Stay tuned.


Kay Dennison said...

I didn't really follow it because I don't like these cases and they usually put me up the wall. However, my stepmom was watching it religiously so when I was up north visiting her, I was exposed to more of it than I really cared to see each day.

I can't really can't say if she did it but it seemed to me that since cadaver dogs noted the indication that a body had been in Casey's car that she could well be guilty. That said, I have no idea what else was presented in her defense nor do I know how effective these dogs are. Soooooooo I guess I have to I to agree with you.

L.J. Diva said...

I think the thing is, we are all told to protect our children and look out for them and if they're being abused to do something and protect all children no matter what.

So when a child ends up dead and the finger points to the mother, then we get angry.

Why do we get angry...because an innocent child is dead, for no apparent reason, and the ONE person that was supposed to look after her and protect her didn't!

Is she guilty? I don't know. But someone is because a two year old child who could not protect herself is dead. And that's what it comes down to now, Casey may be free, but her daughter is still dead and SOMEONE is responsible.

Grayquill said...

I wonder if the mindset with the protesters is similar to the lynchings we had in the old west.

Someone once told me, to have a free society we have to at times not have justice.
Good post.

NitWit1 said...

I agree the final judgement will be the only just judgement. I would hate to live the rest of my life in the manner Anthony will, having to hidge from the vengeful public, and trying to make amends for her actions , if indeed she did the evil deed.

Moving to another country might be worth a try, but not necessarily safety guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

What's it to ya? That's what I wonder when people start slamming the Duggars. Is it people venting their anger toward their lives they feel in general? How are they affected by a family raising their 19 kids in a two-parent home without government assistance?

Betty said...

Kay: Well, you don't HAVE to agree, but thank you. lol

Lady Jewels Diva: It is a tragedy when anyone, young or old is murdered, But, I agree, it seems worse when it is defenseless child.

Grayquill: You may be right, and how about the lynchings in the south? But, that was a whole other problem, wasn't it?

Nitwit1: I agree that Anthony is going to have a tough time of it from now on. And, it might not help if she moves out of the country, unless she can hide her identity.

Anonymous: It's not the Duggars' wealth, if they are, indeed wealthy, that bothers many people. It's their bigotry.

patsy said...

The media esp. Nancy Disgrace has whipped up the crowd and some are still at it days later.
In our country you are Innocent untill proven guily or maybe that is assumed innocent. anyway she will get out of jail soon and had better hide.
The child is dead by her mothers hand I think but I also thought O J Simpson was Innocent.
I am almost sure that people living in Flordia are brain dead.LOL

Word Tosser said...

As a serious jury ... you are suppose to decide on FACTS, not gut feelings... the sad thing, the facts didn't add up to how Caylee got to where she was found.
As for the crowd... they need to get a life...but I agree with you Margie... they have something lacking in their own lives.. too bad they don't give as much attention to that, as they do to hating Casey. next year she will be just a answer in a trivial question .

Word Tosser said...

Sorry about that, Betty, had a senior moment... I did mean Betty, not Margie...

Olga said...

I am sure it is easier to play TV judge and jury than to actually sit through a real trial like that. I take it that the jury was not convinced and this is an unsolved mystery that will provide fodder for speculation and TV shows for a while to come.
I think you're right that some people just feel the need to be outraged about something. It must be a feeling of powerlessness.