Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Duggar Invasion

Photobucket The Duggar Family Traveling Circus and Salvation Show came to Harrison today - all 21 of them. Rumor has it, when the manager of Western Sizzlin' heard about it, his blood ran cold. Then, he rushed outside and removed the "Bus Parking" signs.

There was a pretty good crowd. The Mayor, the head of the Chamber of Commerce, the High School marching band and Cheerleaders greeted them at a rally on the square. The Harrison stop was part of a tour to promote a movie called "Courageous", in which some of the family appeared as bit players. The movie was shown in our local "historic" theater tonight as what was advertised as a "Pre-release Movie Event." I can't tell you what it was all about because I didn't attend, but I'm sure I can safely report a big attendance.

The Duggars travel with their very own personal pastor, who prayed over the crowd and led the Duggars in singing hymns. You could also buy a signed copy of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's latest book, predictably entitled "A Love That Multiplies". They can say that again.

What a perfect lead-in to this weekend's Annual Crawdad Days Festival to be held on the banks of Lake Harrison, starting with carnival rides Wednesday Night, and continuing throughout the weekend with all kinds of, er, entertainment, such as clogging, live music and a crawdad eating contest, among other fun times. The Duggars couldn't have picked a better time to appear.

Stay tuned.


savannah said...

who are these people? i seem to have slipped into some sort of anti popular culture hole, sugar! and it seems probably a good thing! xoxo

Olga said...

Good thing they travel with a personal pastor. They are obviously sex fiends who struggle with some perverse addiction to poopy diapers and spit up.
oooo--too mean to print, I know.

Looking to the Stars said...

Never heard of these people but they sound a little strange.

Don't you just love these premiere movies in your home town (not). We have those here also. There is only one that I thought would come out on dvd, so I didn't go. It was about our town in the late 1800's. I've never found the movie, so guess it flopped. Next time, I guess I better go to the premiere cause it won't be shown again (lol)

take care

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE that 2 of the above three commenters do not know who these nuts are. Let's just say that Olga has it right. How do they "do it" so often with all of those kids around? They are scary.

Betty said...

Savannah and Looking: The Duggars are famous for popping out 19 kids and counting. The have a tv show on some channel (I don't watch), and they're all pious and who knows where they get the tremendous amount of money it would take to feed and clothe all those kids. They say they rely on God, but I kind of think God would like them to get real jobs and leave Him out of it sometimes.

Olga: Since they have a personal pastor, they don't even have to stop touring for baptisms.

Always: Maybe "doing it" is part of their home schooling. (I'm meaner than Olga.)

Grayquill said...

This is an odd story and they certainly are opportunist. I guess I can’t be critical. Two other opportunists are doing a lot better and both are considered extremists – Sarah Palin pulls $100K per talk while Michael Moore draws a mere $40,000 per talk.

NitWit1 said...

I am a bit tired of all these 'reality' shows here huge families are supporting their choices of a large family by invading our homes with details of their lives, even when they "split the blanket" so to speak, as the case in one.

But I guess I am in the minority. Back to my reruns of "Reba" sitcoms

Betty said...

Grayquill, this seems to be a country of opportunists. But, at this point, any way you can make a living is ok with me.

NitWit1: The networks love their reality shows because they are so inexpensive. No huge salaries, no stories with real plots, etc. I'm watching "Murder She Wrote" episodes on Netflix, myself.

Big John said...

I've got to say it Betty ...


betty said...

John: Yeah, ain't we the lucky ones?

Anonymous said...

WE are supporting these over-sized families with income tax deductions for children...no matter how many.

And now their oldest son has married and is working on his own tax-payer supported dynasty.

Also, Mr. Dugger was some sort of politician. The kids all dress semi-Amish and are home-schooled.