Sunday, January 09, 2011

Gotta Get the Guns

Oh, hush! I'm not talking about hunting rifles or antique gun collections. If you're the proud owner of a Blunderbuss, I don't want you to turn it in. I refer to handguns and automatic and semi-automatic weapons. This country is reverting to the days of the Wild West, and it has to stop. If not, it won't be safe for anyone to go outside without worrying about being gunned down at the mall or at church or in the workplace by some deranged individual who has taken Sarah Palin's website and reckless lock and load oratory to heart.  She took her target and cross-hairs maps down in a hurry after the media pointed out that she had targeted Rep. Gaby Gifords, among others.

And, don't forget Sharon Angler's "Second Amendment Solution" rhetoric. That couldn't have escaped Jared Loughner's notice as he searched for validation of what he was planning.

Our politicians are good at scaring the bejeezus out of  us with their dire predictions.  Maybe this shooting has succeeded in scaring them enough to pass a law or two putting some teeth into the existing gun laws. Maybe they'll send a message to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and the NRA that enough is enough. Maybe it will take more crazies shooting at THEM to get through to them.  We'll see.

Stay tuned.


Kay Dennison said...


Arkansas Patti said...

I am leaning towards the putting teeth into exhisting laws and serious inforcement. That boy had a mental history and he still got a weapon. We need to contact our elected officials and bug the he*l out of them. Let them hear from someone besides the NRA.

Margie's Musings said...

There is absolutely no good reason for anyone to own a handgun or a semi-automatic rifle. Hunting guns have long as the hunter actually eats his kill.

But our society is much too violent anymore for guns to be so easily accessible. If anyone actually ever reads the amendment, they learn that the right to carry a gun was because all states had their own militia and there was no standing army at the time. They were talking about being a part of the militia. People need to learn to put old writings in the context of their culture.

We no longer have militias.

Olga said...

There are many law-abiding citizens who own hand guns. What about looking at the First Amendment and its protection of irresponsible media pundits and whacko politicians? No, it seems to me that the issue to be looking at right now is the health care and access to mental health services. And education...
I do agree with the Arizona sheriff, though, who said there is something off about a society that makes the travelling public buy tiny bottles of shampoo before getting on a plane while allowing obviously disturbed people to walk into a sporting oods store and purchase a gun.

Going Like Sixty said...

"shooting at them"... yeah, let's all shoot at each other. And punch the bullies too while were at it.

You're comment taken out of context by a cable channel could be damning.

You had me nodding in agreement right up to then.

Dianne said...

the gun used in Tuscon was banned all during the Clinton years and then overturned by Bushie Boy

and of course god freakin' forbid Obama try to put control and regulation back in place

I'm so sick of the whole damn country Betty

Darlene said...

Maybe pigs will fly, too. As long as money and the powerful lobbying of the NRA are part of the political system nothing will be done except for those Congresspeople to hire moe security for themselves.

patsy said...

by golly I am glad you are on again. just a note to the reading of our Constitution by the repub.. 2 of the new members in the house, tea party people no less missed their swearing in to party then the dumb boobs were voting with out the swearing in. I laughted..