Monday, November 01, 2010

Same Old, Same Old

I voted early, so the election has been over for me for several weeks.  We have a real hot button issue on the ballot in our county this year.  The voters will decide whether the county will go "wet" or stay "dry".  I wouldn't even try to predict how that will turn out.  All I know is that over 1/3 of the registered voters in this county have already voted, and most of them are 50 years old or older. This is not surprising, since most of the young people here flee the county as soon as they graduate from high school. There isn't much to keep them here.

My doctor, whom I love, has been at the forefront of the "drys".  He is not a particularly political person, but he is a devoutly religious person, so this issue was apparently important enough to him for him to get involved, and I respect that.  If I didn't know how sincere he is, I might argue with him, but even I won't take on someone who is on THAT particular high ground.  Besides, he's my doctor, and I make it a point never to get into any kind of debate with him, lest he prescribe hemlock, or something.  At my age, I can't be too careful.

In past elections, I have posted tirelessly, cheerleading for the Democrats, but this year, I'm strangely disinterested in the whole process.  I find the "Tea Partiers" amusing, because I know that if and when they are elected, they will be swallowed up by the Republicans, and in two years, they will probably be replaced.  After all, we have been replacing Congressmen every two years for decades, and look what we still have. Only, this year, they appear to be dumber and more radical. And, the Democrats appear to be more cowardly.  

Looking back over the decades, the arguments have been the same, only the sides have switched.  "It's time for a change!" "The system is broken!" "Let's take our country back!" "No more politics as usual!"  "The country is going in the wrong direction!" When the Republicans are in charge, the Democrats are in full cry with these age old mantras. And, when the Democrats are in charge, the Republicans echo the same phrases. Hence, the turnover.

The same thing happens, on a much smaller scale, in my county.  We have two men who run for County Judge, two men who run for Sheriff, and two men who run for Mayor every single election.  Now and then, someone else will jump into the race but it's understood that one of the two men in each race will win.  They keep trading off like that year after year. It's Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee all over again.  One man is no better and no worse than the other, and nothing much ever changes.   

What will happen after this election?  Nothing. It appears that the Republicans will pick up a bunch of seats.  So, what else is new?  And, what will they actually do when they take over the House of Representatives, beside banking all the million$ the lobbyists have poured into their coffers?  Nothing.


Stay tuned.


Looking to the Stars said...

Well said, I agree with you. We had a chance to get a real "Jimmy Stewert" type for Senator but he bowed down & gave into the slimeo Senator we already have. Nothing changes and they want it that way.

Well, one thing will change. My phone will stop ringing with campaign calls, lol :)

Kay Dennison said...

And you'll still be left with what another friend calls Blanche Freaking Lincoln only he uses a different word. You would like him.

I am sick of all this crap.

Linda said...

Preach it! I am so with you!

Arkansas Patti said...

I voted, I am done. Like Looking said--since I don't have caller ID, now I can assume it is someone I actually want to talk to when the phone rings.

Darlene said...

It's over and I am not surprised at the results. I am numb from the whole crazy politicking. I think we will have two years of gridlock and bitter infighting.

Anonymous said...

A typical response.

Kell said...

Wow, is this the same cowardly anonymous who commented before or a new cowardly anonymous?

Sorry, it's your blog, but I really have a problem with snarky anonymous comments. You're nice to leave them up.

The election is over and the turnout for mid-term elections was also typical--old white men and very few voters. In my state, it was the lowest voter turnout since 1956.

patsy said...

you are wet and I don't mean it is raining.

Ardith said...

You have said exactly how I feel about the whole political scene. In time it will all repeat itself. What goes around comes around.

Jaquith barns said...

Kell, If you must know my name is Jaquith barns but does that really make any difference? I don't have a blog but I guess I could make one just so you could see my name. Since I do not know you that makes you anonymous to me. Whether you are a coward or not I have no idea so I will refrain from calling you names. Not only am I black but now I am snarky. I have been called alot of names but never snarky.

Sister--Three said...

I recall walking to green forest square to buy my lunch as a teenagers. Walked right by a 'beer joint' as mother called them. Men sat in there all day, playing pool and I guess drinking. No one hollered out at our passing by, but I knew that was not a place I would or could ever go!

Wet or dry, they will find a place to buy. Keep their tax money at home, is my say.

I have felt like you about this election. Change? what a joke that phrase has became!

betty said...

Looking and Patti: It sure has been quiet around here since Tuesday.

Kay: We are rid of Blanche, but we got Boozman. Not much difference.

Darlene: Now we have "Change we can't believe in."

Kell: Well, I guess anonymous told you! lol She's not the same one you're thinking about.

Patsy: I still can't believe we actually went wet.

Ardith: The pendulum never stops in the middle.

jaquith: I'm always happy to hear viewpoints, whether they agree with mine or not.

Sister-Three: We had quite a turnover in our little town. The mayor came in third in a three-way race, and a lot of the City Council. We have a new County Judge, too.

NitWit1 said...

I haven't heard how the wet vs dry vote went.

We were traveling through that area Nov. 3, day after voting.

I saw a sign in an open field. I deer was scampering across the field. I facecitiously wondered if it was going to the wet side of line of the dry side of line.

betty said...

NitWit1: The county went wet, to my surprise.

Grayquill said...

I am surprised at some of your posts. I think you and are more alike than different sometimes. This post said so many of the thoughts I have had these past weeks. Now that the election is over - my faovrite news report was (and I might this wrong since I only listen with one ear) that a state legislature position in California was won with 57% of the vote by a dead person. Can you imagine what the person felt like when they didn't win, knowing I am so bad I can't even win against a dead person. I think whoever that person is should seriously consider new opportunites.