Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Randomness


I didn't know a woman could be accused of being a lesbian just because she used to play softball. Elena Kagan is probably lucky she hasn't had her picture taken playing golf.


Arlen Specter says he smells "victory in the air". Don't breathe too deeply, Arlen, it might just be napalm.


I have received so many phone recorded messages from prominent people wanting to know if I'm going to vote in the Republican primary, I'm thinking of unplugging my phone until the run-offs are over. So far, I've heard from Pat Boone, calling himself "that singer guy," and former Arkansas resident, now residing in Florida, Gov. Mike Huckabee, among others. I'm not impressed.

The only Democrat I've heard from was a real-live person, asking if I'm going to vote for Blanche Lincoln. When I said "not a chance," the bitch couldn't get off the phone fast enough. She didn't even say good-bye. If she didn't want to hear my answer, she shouldn't have called me in the middle of NCIS.

Then, I got a pre-recorded message from President Obama urging me to vote for Blanch. I'm very disappointed that he did that. I think he should stay out of local politics. Just looks like the "ins" circling the wagons. Politics as usual. Tsk, tsk.


The oil spill saga goes on and on. Today, they're trying to insert a small mile-long pipe that they hope will act like a straw, and suck the oil into a container or something. I haven't heard if that worked or not. Update: Apparently they have succeeded with the sippy-straw, somewhat.


This soggy weekend, Harrison is having it's annual festival, called Crawdad Days. It used to be called Dogpatch Days, and was lots of fun, because it celebrated Dogpatch, USA, a local theme park. But, then, Dogpatch closed down and the town fathers had to think up some other name. So, Crawdad Days was born. Not that there's a crawdad within 300 miles. They have to import them. But, they do have a carnival and various other games, races, etc.

This year, it rained the whole blessed time. I'm feeling sorry for them.

Stay tuned.


Nancy said...

I agree that the President should stay out of local politics.

He is on our TV here in Pennsylvania every 30 minutes crowing about how much he loves Arlen Spector.

I really wish he wasn't doing that. Joe Sestak has always been a loyal Democrat and has represented his district very well in Congress. He deserves our vote.

L.J. Diva said...

"I didn't know a woman could be accused of being a lesbian just because she used to play softball. Elena Kagan is probably lucky she hasn't had her picture taken playing golf."

I heard about this on The View and thought what a crock of shit. Since when are you a lesbian because you play softball.

In that case, I hope every female softballer revolts and gives the guy who said it a piece of their mind.

NitWit1 said...

Yep it rained all the &^%^$ time the last 4 days. I didn't go to Crawdad Days; couldn't have if I wanted to; gotta stay above the dam level to be sure I don't drown since I don't swim.

I am having to "baby" a 10 year old epileptic, anxiety ridden rescue dog through the thunder which has been spectacular. Poor thing! I finally drugged her a tad to help.

Well I played a little softball when I was married and overseas on a military base. Don't recall I ever suspected anyone was lesbian.....Regardless of how I feel about Kagan's nomination I wonder if anybody can ever be single and not accused of some kind of sexual diviation. I bet you can't live with a sister or brother without some kind of suggestion you are out of the norm in some way.

Anonymous said...

So, Kagan has been married to her career, from what I have read, and if that makes her a lesbian, I guess there's not much argument. What I can't figure out is what difference it makes.....I am married, and have 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren, and if I were on the Court, I would support the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. So-I guess that heterosexuals also should not be on the Court.....what a crock of (*&$(&#.

Love the sippy cup analogy!

Kay Dennison said...

Another post that makes me smile.
No more Dogpatch? Sad.

My daughter played softball from age 7 through high school and played on her squadron's softball team -- almost all men. (Are they Lesbians? LOL) She's also still unmarried at 33. Is she a Lesbian? No.

Given my experience with marriage, I think she's pretty smart.

Betty said...

Nancy: I think he should stay out of local politics especially in the Primaries. He is promoting the interests of one Democrat over another. He just shouldn't do that.

Jewels Diva, Always in the Back Row, and Kay: Seems to me that any man or woman who reaches a certain age and has never married will be suspected of being gay. This has gone on for a long time. We'll never learn.

And, yes, Kay, I think she's pretty smart, too, to remain single.

Nitwit1: Sorry you couldn't go to Crawdad Days. I don't know if it was rained out or not. But, I'll bet it had fewer people than in recent years.

oklhdan said...

Enjoyed your post Betty. I remember how the girls softball team at our Univ. got labeled as lesbians. Don't know why people make such ridiculous judgments!

Looking to the Stars said...

So, its the old "she's a lesibian" trick. When are they going to learn that doesn't work anymore. Trying to dirty a person's rep with that b.s., I've got news for them, people are not falling for that crap anymore.

I saw a video where 2 guys cleaned up an oil spill with hay. It looked like it worked. The straw sucking thing I hadn't heard about. Wonder who's sucking at the other end?
have a good one :)