Monday, April 12, 2010

Nothing In Particular

Last Thursday, a clerk at Walgreens got snippy with me when I called about a prescription on which they had made a mistake. Uncharacteristically, I didn't get snippy right back at her, but it was an effort. Bitch.


Wasn't that awful about the entire Polish government being wiped out in a plane crash. Imagine the chaos in the aftermath.


How about that woman who put her adopted seven year old son on a plane back to Russia, all by himself, with only a note pinned to him, asking them to take him back? She said she just couldn't handle him. Let's see, now. He's seven and she's, how old? He's the kid and she's the adult? Did she really think it was going to be easy, raising an adopted child from a foreign country? I know some kids are very difficult, but IMHO, she doesn't get off the hook for sending him back to Russia alone.


How many of you watched the Masters golf tournament? That's the one played at Augusta National, the last bastion of male chauvinism and racial bias. Don't you know it it chafed all those old white men to realize that they were given the task of being Tiger Woods' protectors? I laughed 'til I cried - almost.


Well, I just can't wait to read Kitty Kelley's unauthorized biography, "Oprah", can you? I wouldn't have thought much about it if I hadn't heard how scared all the talk show hosts and networks are of her. They're so scared, they won't invite Ms Kelley to be a guest on any of their shows. The gals on "The View" say it's because they loooooove Oprah soooooo much. Oh, please.

Anyhoo, I plan to get on the library's waiting list right away.

Stay tuned.


Looking to the Stars said...

You are a far better person then I, if the clerk at Walgreen's had caught me having a bad hair day, I would've snipped right back :)

Not a good thing for Poland, I believe we have it where our higher ups can't travel together and I think England has the same policy.

Let me know about Kelley's book after you read it :)

Anonymous said...

The mom who sent the child back to Russia really got to me. My husband's cousin adopted two sisters from Russia. They do have problems-how could they not-given the abuse, neglect, separation issues. language and cultural differences just as a start? But I work with child protection and there are an increasing number of "sdoptions gone bad" lately. The parents seem to think they can just give 'em back. Ugh!!!

kenju said...

Kelley may be good as ferreting out info on people, but there has always been something sleazy about her to me. I think I won't have to read that book; there will be enough info on the web/TV/radio about it.

Judy said...

I do wonder about the Russian child. Was he really that bad? What if he was some sort of demon child? Would you keep him forever always sleeping with one eye open? Of course, putting him on a plane with a note is a little much.

Oprah needs to get over herself. I never read those kinds of books so don't really care.

Random thoughts are fun.

Kay Dennison said...

I'd have let the snippy clerk know how I felt!!!

The adoption thing nags at me, too!

As to Kitty Kelly, she is a gossip. I prolly won't read it unless you recommend it here.

I am sorry for the people of Poland in this horrible time of loss,

Sister--Three said...

I am calling my library tomorrow to get the list for that book..thanks for the heads up on it.

Anonymous said...

I want to read that book too Betty, since there has been alot of media hype about it over here too.

Darlene said...

I haven't watched Oprah for ages so I really shouldn't comment, but I do have some gossip about her. Note: I said 'gossip' and it is not authenticated.

My daughter knows some guys who worked on Oprah's house and they claim she is a bitch; very demanding and hard to work for. They also claim that she hates white men, but covers it up on her show.

I do think she is overly 'sweetness and light' and I am always leery of someone like that.

Now that I have spread nasty gossip and been shamefully mean, I will stop. (Forgive me, those of you who think Oprah walks on water.) I guess you can call me Kitty Kelly II.

My mother would wash my mouth out with soap. She always said, "If you can't say something nice don't say anything." Well, I was insulted today so I am feeling a tad snarky.