Friday, January 22, 2010

Healthcare Reform Still Possible


I have been watching, with some amusement, the media meltdown over the special election in Massachusetts. For pity's sake, people, calm down! That guy is a nut! By the next election, he'll be gone with the wind. Of course, it'll take six years, but.........

(CORRECTION: Jay reminded me that he will only serve a two year term. Anyway, that's still two years too many.)

Nevertheless, the people of Massachusetts ought to be ashamed of themselves. The pundits have a thousand reasons why the Democrats didn't hold onto that Senate seat. Some say it was because "the American people don't want healthcare reform!" to "Coakley was a piss-poor candidate" ( this is one I agree with). But, I think the main reason is that they already have a good healthcare plan and who cares about anyone else in the country.

People sure are pounding on President Obama because he isn't Superman and didn't turn everything around and cure all the ills of the country in the space of one year. There are two things to take into consideration here. 1. As we get closer and closer to the interim election, voters always, always try to turn the "in" party "out". They are always mad because the current President hasn't done enough, in their view. 2. And more importantly, President Obama never dreamed he would be betrayed by his own party.

The reason things get so messy during a Democratic administration is that, unlike the Republicans, the Democrats will not march in lock-step. They tend to think for themselves. It is like herding cats to get them together on any subject.

Not that anybody ever listens to me, but I still think healthcare reform is possible. It just needs to be done the way Teddy Kennedy always said to do it - get something passed, then make changes as needed, to get the bill you really wanted in the first place.

And, speaking of Teddy, the voters in Massachusetts letting his seat go to a Republican just at the moment when his lifelong dream is about to be realized just seems wrong. Very wrong.

Stay tuned.


Looking to the Stars said...

Good Post, Betty. You are always good at hitting the nail on the head :)

oklhdan said...

I'm with you Betty....get something passed. It can be revised along the way. Good Post!

Linda said...

By all means, pass something and go back for the rest later on down the road.

Perhaps we'll have Sarah Palin and this jokester occupying the White House after 2012.

I also agree that Democrats are their own worst enemy. I cannot believe have they've treated President Obama.

kenju said...


Kay Dennison said...

I'm more worried about the Supreme Court's selling us down the river!

Betty said...

Looking to the Stars, Oklhdan, and Kenju: Thanks for the comments.

Linda: We can only hope for Sarah Palin and the newest teabagger to be on the ballot in 2012.

Kay Dennison: I'm very worried about that, too, but not surprised.

Barry said...

Some of us in Mass. tried. It was a sad, sad night. But we saw it coming. Well, everyone but Martha I think. Actually, I expected her to do a lot worse. *sigh* The Dems need to start getting tough.

Arkansas Patti said...

Thank you Betty. Sooo good to hear a voice of reason. We need to get you your own show.

Sister--Three said...

One thing I think has become of this last health care mess is Obama is beyond caring if the banks get mad or who gets mad. He will now go after some of the stuff he wanted to do and was holding off on still trying to please everyone.

Oh, I have about given up on early retirement for me. Health care is out of reach again. Reform can not rise because most people are not for it. I hear it everyday. Money thrown in the face of any issue can tarnish it.

Olga said...

I agree whole heartedly! Also agree that you should get your own show (opposite Sarah Palin) or maybe run for office yourself.

Grayquill said...

Right or wrong - I am glad the people still have a voice. Watching all the Democrats running for cover and changing their stance was refreshing to me. Heck I might even be able to vote for a Democrat someday. Hey - it could happen:)

Margaret Hall said...

Betty...I think that you should be a political pundit for us bloggers!! Maybe CNN or Fox...Your reasoning may wake up the politicians to what the voters are REALLY saying and thinking!
Bravo on your post~!!

Betty said...

Barry: Apparently Martha was a terrible candidate.

Arkansas Patti: If I had my own show, I'd start sounding like Olberman. Not. pretty.

Sister Three: People were afraid of Social Security, too. Now, just try to change it!

Olga: Opposite Sarah Palin? Surely not in the same room - or the same building.

Grayquill: The Democrats have always been their own worst enemies. Just so you know, I voted for a Republican once, in a State race. I was fed up with Bill Clinton, so, as a joke, I voted for the Republican running against him, and the sucker WON! The joke was on me.

Margaret: The politicians don't really want to know what the people are saying.

Margie's Musings said...

Heck no! They know the people to impress are the lobbyists.

But, right on, Betty!

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