Wednesday, December 16, 2009

14 And Counting

PhotobucketWell, mistress number 14 appeared yesterday, and apparently, she's a cougar. Older than Tiger. Do we believe this? Sure, we do. By my reckoning, there will be 4 more. Because we all know Tiger never plays fewer than 18 holes. All right, all right. Stop the moaning.

It has been reported that Elin is consulting a divorce lawyer in California. She is trying to find a way to file there because in California, she can get half of his income. In Florida, she can only get part of it. Then, again, she has that pesky pre-nup to deal with in both states. Her lawyer is 86 years old, so I hope he lives long enough to do her a good job.

All right, I'll shut up.


There's no telling what kind of healthcare bill we'll get out of the Senate, but I wish they'd go ahead and pass it, and give it back to the House. They've made such asses of themselves, I'll be surprised if any of them get re-elected.

I'm still wanting something passed. At this point, anything will be better than nothing, despite what Howard Dean thinks. Because, once it's passed, it can be "tweaked" and added to over time. If nothing is passed, there will be nothing to work with.


And, by the way, in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette letters to the editor yesterday, some woman claimed that her Social Security check was going to be lower by $300.00 and her premiums were going to be raised by some $68.00. Liar, liar, pants on fire. She is also against healthcare reform. Big surprise.

I have been notified that my Social Security check will remain the same and premiums won't be raised. I must be one of the lucky ones.


Rush Limbaugh has announced that he is going to get married again July 4, 2010. Goody for him. Proof that if any sleazy man is rich enough, he can find a wife. Give it a couple of years, and she'll have earned her alimony.


In local news, our Colton's restaurant has managed to get a liquor license in order to serve beer and wine to their diners. This makes the 7th license allowed in our very dry county that is actually awash in alcohol. There is also a concerted effort afoot to place the local option issue on the ballot at the next election.

I am proud to announce that I was instrumental in helping the local Holiday Inn get a liquor license back in the '70s. That Holiday Inn is no longer there, but they were helped immensely by having a lounge for weary travelers who didn't want to have to drive to a local private club to have a drink with their dinners.

It has just never made any sense for this county to be "dry". Less so these days, when we are literally surrounded by "wet" counties and by Missouri, none of them more than a 30 minute drive away. Being dry has never stopped anyone who wanted a drink from getting one.

The times, they are a-changing.

Stay tuned.


kenju said...

Amen! I remember "private" clubs in my home town, when the whole state was dry. Even teenagers could get "memberships", so who were they fooling?

Love the Tiger joke. I'm so disgusted with him.

I can't believe Rush can get another one.Sheeesh.

Arkansas Patti said...

Loved that Tiger joke and one I had not heard. He is really giving the late night guys lots to chew on.
Got my SS notice yesterday and there is no change in amount earned. So much for all the rumor mongers.
I also live in a dry county, first experience with one. Since I don't drink, it is of no consequence to me. I do know that those that do will find a way.

NitWit1 said...

Also got my SS notice; no change in amount or Medicare premium. I had researched the rumors some time ago and found them incorrect.

Despite being the athlete of the decade, Tiger has lost the general public trust because of his false persona. At least BAD BOY John, an Arkansan, doesn't hide his shortcomings.

I am so tired of phone calls about healthcare, abortion, surveys and polling on the subject, pro and con, I have been saying unlady like vulgarities the the computer generated calls.

Betty said...

kenju: "Dry" counties are just another way to try to legislate morality.

Arkansas Patti: As a guy once said to me, "As a rule, I don't drink, but as a habit.....?"

Nitwit1: I'm tired of those phone calls, too.

Kay Dennison said...

I'm just tired of all of it.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Betty, Tiger is just running out of "class" and out of sponsors~! What amazes me is how on earth this all has kept quiet so long...Loved the Tiger joke. =)
My SS check will remain the same..Unreal~! Unfortunately, the cost of stuff is going up...
Ahhhhh, Telemarketers~!! Hate them, especially when you are about to eat dinner...We usually hang up quickly...

Mari Meehan said...

Haven't been around for awhile. It's great to see you haven't lost your edge!

Betty said...

Kay: I am too, really. I say that, but I'm waiting for the next bimbo eruption.

margarethall: Apparently he has never had any class.

Dogwalk: Hi there! Yep, I'm just as mean as ever.

Hughes ap Williams said...

Maybe Rush Limbaugh is marrying Ann Coulter...

Looking to the Stars said...

Loved the Tiger joke. My husband and I have watched all our heros go down the drain. Sad, very sad.

I can't stand Rush and you're right any creep can get a woman if he's rich enough.

Bob Dylan had it right when he said the times are a changing. Even more so now then back in the 70's. I am just getting to old for this :)

Joy Des Jardins said...

I'm stunned that this whole Tiger thing didn't blow up in his face much sooner than this Betty...considering his high profile and all. How it was kept quiet this long is beyond me. Do you ever really know ANYONE? What a disasterous way to sabotage a perfectly wonderful life and career...even for all his $$$. What could possibly have been missing in that seemingly perfect life?

Hey, my Social Security premium check stays the same too. Do you suppose WE'RE the only ones? Gadzooks! Count our blessings where we can....Merry Christmas Betty.... ~Joy

Deanna said...

I remember back in the early 80's I was headed to a conference in Little Rock. Hubby and I had been driving for hours and finally decided to stop for a Pizza and cold beer. Imagine this Missouri couple's surprise when we discovered we were in a "dry" county. We had no idea Arkansas had dry counties! It made no sense. And apparently had we driven 30 miles further, we could have had a beer. Crazy!

Darlene said...

I don't know how Tiger's wife can get half of his income in California. My daughter who is divorcing her husband there can only get a small portion of his income including child support for two girls and alimony. I am suspicious of this rumor.

I guess Kansas never heard of the failure of prohibition. Some people never learn for history. And some misguided souls will never stop trying to push their beliefs on others. Sigh!

Betty said...

Hughes ap Williams: Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Looking to the Stars: There are, sadly, no real heroes left.

Joy des Jardins: I think the media just kept a lid on it. Those who follow him from tournament to tournament must have known.

Deanna: You're right. It doesn't make any sense, but some 40+ of our 75 counties are dry, even in this day and age. Kind of shows you how backward we are.

Darlene: I don't know anything about California law. But, that's what was reported in the news the other day.