Sunday, July 12, 2009

Presenting....Mademoiselle Cosette


Had a nice visit with Kelley and Allen last week, but the star of the show was my grandpuppy, Cosette. After she made an inspection of the apartment, she got comfortable.


She loooooooooooooves her Uncle Jay!


She perked up when Kelley, Allen and Jay started stirring around. "Where're we going? To the park? Wanna chase birds? Will there be cheese?


Alas, they left her alone. And, when she realized there was no one here but granny.........


She prostrated herself in front of the door. She knows that old lady probably won't take her for a long walk, and the sweet old thing doesn't seem to know how to play throw the ball or tug o' war. Sigh.


Finally, good old Uncle Jay comes home. Now, we'll have some fun!


Now, this is what I call fun! Uncle Jay throws my squeaky toy, and I catch it and kill it! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course, I'll probably get in trouble when my humans get home, but it was worth it.

She's such a character.


Arkansas Patti said...

She can really captured "Sad" can't she?
Obviously a dog that knows how to work her humans.
Such a cutie.

Betty said...

Patti: Yep, she has us all pretty well trained.

lucylocket said...

Love the pictures. I'm such an old softy for dogs and cats.

Grayquill said...

It looks to me like Uncle Jay is thinking...who trained this animal, would someone please help me! I hate showering with my clothes on. - - - I could be wrong about my conclusion.

Kell said...

Cosette's been sulking because she doesn't have Uncle Jay and Grandma to idolize her.

Sister--Helen said...

oh a duck dog...

Joy Des Jardins said...

Ahhhh, Cosette is VERY cute Betty. She looks like she's pretty much in control out.

Gianetta said...

Very cute!

Deanna said...

She's such a character just like granny... cute, cute, cute!

Darlene said...

Cosette has such a sweet and expressive face. They really know how to push the human buttons.

Is that Cosette on your header? The one with the halo? I think the way she killed the squeaky toy her halo may have slipped a little. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, she is beautiful, and soooo lovin'~! I love her coloring, it is cool how her two black spots are so prominent! Thanks for sharing such great photos and story, as always a great visit..

Betty said...

lucylocket: I love the little fuzzy faced ones.

grayquill: Uncle Jay loves Cosette, but he wishes she would calm down a little, sometimes.

kell: Tell her we miss her.

4th sister and Joy: She has to get the squeaker out of her toy. And, yes, she is pretty much in control.

fat woman and deanna: Thanks. She thinks she's cute, too, but she doesn't seem to think I am. lol

Darlene: The one in the header is Cosette's predecessor, Daily. She died a couple of years ago, much to our sorrow. She's an angel, now. Hence, the halo.

margarethall: She has just had her summer haircut. The two spots aren't quite as prominent when she has all of her hair.

Mari Meehan said...

She has such an expressive face!

June Saville said...

Nice family fun Betty ...
Of course you may link to my Australian health care post on 70 Plus - the more the merrier on that one!

Judy would probably like to join in as well?
June in Oz

Betty said...

Dogwalkmusings: She usually gets her point across.

June: thanks so much. I'll post the blog tomorrow afternoon.

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL, so cute :)

NitWit1 said...

What nice "visit!" from Cosette, seems to know my Luckie, at least in the "tear up my toys" routine. If she had stayed longer, it would have been interesting if she learned to steal food.

Cosette is really cute.

Kate said...

What a cutie puppy!

Anonymous said...

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