Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week In Review

Octomom, her mom and the fourteen kids may soon be homeless. Their house is being repossessed. Seems Granny is in arrears more than $23,000 in mortgage payments. I hope they have a van big enough to live in down by the river. If they don't try to tap into some of the federal funds being thrown around, I'll be very surprised.

Update: Apparently someone has offered to pay her way for her. I don't know who it is, but I hope his name isn't Uncle Sam.


Thanks to the internets, a politician just can't get away with a well thought-out lie anymore. Pete Sessions (R. Texas) said he never met Allen Stanford, who is accsed to defrauding investors to the tune of approximately $8 Billion. Sessions received so many pictures of himself and Stanford that his e-mail server crashed.


The Republicans are certainly throwing a snit-fit over the stimulus, and everything else President Obama wants to do. Some of the, such as Kit Bond (R. MO) rushed home to brag and claim ownership of parts of the stimulus plan, then, went back to Washington and voted against it.

One of these days, they will forget where they are, and vote FOR something, for a change.


According to the papers, there will soon be an arrest in the Chandra Levy murder case. Guess who won't be arrested? Right. Gary Condit.

He may be a sleazeball, but he isn't a murderer, evidently. Now, I would like to see some apologies from the Washington media. Some of them came right out and accused Condit of the murder. He might have ruined his life when he had an affair with Chandra, but it was made much worse by the irresponsible media calling him a murderer.

You know that a lot of people are still not going to believe he didn't do it.

Stay tuned.


Margie's Musings said...

Many people get convicted in the press. Remember Gary Hart?

Ima Wizer said...

But what IF..... just supposing here...... what IF Condit didn't do it.........there is always that possibility!

Arkansas Patti said...

My, you threw a lot of balls in the air. I did not know that about Pete Sessions. Makes you realize thet with the Internet and the photo capabilities of cell phones, that no secret is safe today. In politics, that is a good thing.

Darlene said...

Well it's really nice to see some chickens coming home to roost. If all politicians get caught in their lies, and it is made public, just maybe they will realize they had better tell the truth. One can hope.

Yes, the media should be more responsible. I was one who believed that Condit was guilty and I am ashamed of being gullible. In my heart I apologize to him.

Cazzie!!! said...

The World is a mad place!

Looking to the Stars said...

The media believes they have the right to print whatever they want, to them its all about selling more newspapers and power. But we are getting smarter just like with the politics. The media printing untruths is one of my biggest peeves.

Anonymous said...

Guess you heard Betty....

The hospital is apparently refusing to release Octomom's babies and she has petitioned Dr. Phil for help! I think this case is more in line with Jerry Springer action!

Where's Oprah when you need her?

Betty said...

Margie: I do remember Gary Hart. He took quite a beating, too.

Ima Wizer: Apparently, he didn't do it. They are going to arrest someone else for the crime.

patti: I can't seem to stick to one subject in a lot of my blogs, because, as someone once noted, my mind is like an unmade bed. lol

Darlene: Well, when you are told daily that the man is guilty, you start to believe it. Not your fault.

cazzie: You can say that again.

Hey, Alan: It's good to hear from you. What will the hospital do with the babies if it is allowed to keep them? Put them up for adoption? I couldn't believe someone is actually claiming to be the father. Is he nuts, too? Now, if DNA can prove it, he'll be sued for child support. lol