Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No More Debates

The debates are finally over and not a minute too soon, in my opinion. I thought this one was better than the other two in that they finally did actually engage each other and discuss a few issues.

Barack Obama did what he had to do to hang on to the high road. And, McCain did what he had to do to hang on to the low road. By all accounts, Obama won.

I tend to agree with the pundit who declared Joe the Plumber the winner. He said Joe will have an agent by tomorrow and several franchises.

Obama kind of dared McCain to bring up Bill Ayres and McCain took the bait, and threw in a few smarmy remarks about ACORN for good measure. It didn't work out the way McCain thought it would.

And then, McCain seemed to confuse Downs Syndrome with Autism. He didn't cover himself with glory that time, either.

I really thought that McCain looked like a grumpy old coot, with all that blinking and grimacing. He and Sarah must really make a pair, what with her winking and all. But, at least he didn't get up and wander aimlessly around the stage like he did in the last debate.

I'm just so glad there are no more debates. I really don't think they clarify anything, usually, although in this one, they did give their views on a few social issues that they hadn't touched on in the other two debates.

Ready, set, VOTE!


Kay Dennison said...

I'm with you, Betty!!! I have this sick, queasy feeling in my stomach after tonight's debacle. I'm glad we are done with this mess.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I'm glad they're done too Betty...enough of watching John's grimaces. I actually voted yesterday...early. It felt good to get my vote in, and they've been encouraging early voting if possible. I predict Joe The Plumber's small business will be getting a few calls.

Darlene said...

I was so glad that Obama didn't take the bait and say something negative about Sarah Palin. The door was wide open to say she wasn't qualified and he didn't walk through it. He's a class act and sitting next to Grumpy made him look very presidential.

For a minute there I though McCain was going to start pounding the desk in frustration.

patsy said...

I am glad they are over too.

kenju said...

I wondered about his stress on autism. I didn't know if she also had an autistic kid or if he was confused. I vote for confused!! I heard he also got Joe the plumber's name wrong.....LOL

McCain looked to me like a pipe that was going to explode. I thought steam/smoke might come out of his ears at any moment.

Anonymous said...

I'll just be glad when this whole election is over. I hate how ugly it has gotten.

K. said...

McCain didn't do himself any favors by disdaining the health of the mother as a precondition for any abortion legislation. It's a small sample, but we have one friend who was furious over that.

Dianne said...

Now I want to smack Joe the Plumber too!!

The news media is ridiculous. Bloggers had to research this guy and come up with his whole story.

I feel like I'm holding my breath until 11/4

Shirley Gonzalez-Day said...

I really felt that I was watching an old lizard up on the stage. McCain's tongue grimaces were way too much. I was especially taken with the contrast in the two candidates. Obama, calm and unflappable, not taking the baited hook; McCain, ready to explode, and showing his age. Not that I'm against age and experience!! I represent that group. I, though, want a leader who can hold it together in the midst of chaos and craziness.

K. said...

Shirley, since you bring it up, presenting the McCain Tongue Jut: