Thursday, October 02, 2008

No Dance Fever Here


Since there is no subject on which I am afraid to comment, even if I know nothing about it, I feel the need to mention that Kim Kardashian and her unfortunate dance partner, Mark Ballas, were sent home on Dancing With The Stars last night.

You may well be wondering, since I have never seen an episode of that show in its entirety, how I would have the unmitigated gall to express an opinion about it. Well, I'll tell you how.

It's because I did happen to see Kim dance,briefly, on two episodes. Not that I suffered through the entire dance. I was just surfing the channels with the idea that I might catch Cloris Leachman lurching around the dance floor and being funny. I never did get to see Cloris, but I saw enough of Kim in action to want to watch her and her partner on the view today, in order to confirm my initial opinion. And, yep, I was right, all right.

It is not very often that you see a contestant on that show who has absolutely no dancing ability whatsoever, and that no amount of practice can improve. It makes one wonder if contestants pay to be on the show, rather than, say, auditioning?

Bless her heart, Kim was taught some pretty simple dance steps in which her big old butt was promminently featured, and even that didn't help. She never did figure out how to shake it. There's probably a very good reason why her other reality show isn't called, "The Dancing Kardashians."

Kim is probably a very nice girl, with talents in other areas, and I'm not trying to be mean (it just seems to come naturally). But, really, hasn't anyone ever told her she can't dance? Didn't she already know she couldn't dance? I know I can't dance, and I also know that when I try, I look a lot like Kim (without the sweet smile, great bod, luxurious hair, and we won't talk about my butt).

Honey, can you sing?


kenju said...

It was surprising to me that a woman who looks like she does, with a body like hers, doesn't know how to use it in a sexy way. Her dances were almost totally devoid of sex appeal. That's hard to do, isn't it? Even Cloris was better than Kim.

Cazzie!!! said...

This kind of reminds me of a concert I attended a few weeks ago here at our local hall.
These young girls, aged about 15 yrs old or so, got up to sing us a song. The mics did not work. So while the tech guy fixed the problem the compare of the show asked the girls to tell us why they were into singing. It happens they both were told by their singing coach, who cost their parents the Earth in fees, had told them they were brilliant and would make it in the singing industry one day.
A few minutes later, technical difficulties all corrected, the girls began their cover sing-song.
These poor girls, both gorgeous and who could dance ever so well, but when they sang they were atrocious.
It was a slow, long, song...and well, I sort of thought, and so did many other people, that NOW was the time for these poor girls to be told they just ought not listen to their singing coach.
Models they could be, but singers, I think they'd be crushed by the likes of our Australian Idol judges..and that would be worse long term.

This lady Kim sure is lovely to look at too, but I think it is sad they put her on your dance show.. it must make her feel awful :(

Jay said...

"Honey, can you sing?"

Don't give her any ideas!

Dianne said...

Oh this made me happy.

She didn't care that she couldn't dance. She just wanted her name to be in one more place, in case there were still 12 men left in the country who hadn't seen her butt.

If you really want to bust a gut you should see her Mother covering her for ET!! Talk about spreading the family's lack of talent around.

"baby did you cry?" "yes mama I cried"


Joy Des Jardins said...

I won't be shedding any tears for poor Kim. She follows in the 'no talent' footsteps of Paris buys a's just getting to be a little too much to take.

Knight said...

I have spent years in dance classes and I can look sexy anywhere but the dance floor. It's really pathetic how bad I really am. Thank God I can sing.