Thursday, September 04, 2008

OK, Fun's Over

This is the last time I'm going to blog about Sarah Palin, unless something really ugly happens that I feel the urge to make fun of. Otherwise, she isn't worth any more of my time. After tonight, I intend to concentrate on the ancient maverick himself, Sen. John McCain.

Apparently, Gov. Palin's speech was excellent, if a bit smug and sarcastic, in parts. I wouldn't know. I didn't watch it.

I DID, however, get a bit of a scolding from my daughter, who is much more soft-hearted than I am and who was not particularly amused at the last two photos on my blog. I probably deserved it. As Paul Anonymous pointed out in "comments" yesterday, I'm not perfect.

My daughter seemed to think I didn't suspect that the photos were fakes. For the record, I thought that they probably WERE fakes, but I just didn't give a rat's ass. My feeling is if Sarah Palin is going to be offended by my little old blog, she's way too sensitive, because she can find those photos all over the internets. I remain supremely unapologetic. Those photos are no worse than some of the photoshopped photos going around in blogs and on e-mails, and even on the fronts of magazines, about Barack and Michelle Obama.

One day, I found in my e-mail, sent by a group of "good Republicans" a photo of an ape, and right beside it, a photo of Michell Obama. The implication was crystal clear. Just today, I received an e-mail from that same group containing a cartoon of a rickety old pickup truck piled high with Muslims, and the cutline identified them as "Obama's family". It occurred to me that they were probably taking a swipe at illegal aliens, also, a Republican twofer. And, I expect things will get much, much worse.

For all I know, Sarah Palin may very well be a thoroughly nice woman, even though I don't agree with much she believes in. What pisses me off about her is the way she is letting herself be cynically used and exploited by John McCain and the rest of the party. And, I'm pissed off by the way she seems to believe that it is all right to use and exploit her seventeen year old daughter and soon-to-be-son-in-law, and her other children. I'll leave her husband to fend for himself. Her baby was held by no fewer than seven people while she was speaking, according to the media, passed from one to the other, no doubt followed by the television cameras. If she had wanted to protect him and not exploit him, she would have left him backstage with the rest of the family, and brought him out with them after she finished her speech.

And, that's all I have to say about that.

Stay tuned.


patsy said...

oh no. is the fun over so soon.course she will step in it and now the national E.says she had an affair and McCain said he would sue them . Guess they will start talking about his fling with the rich blonde when he left his cripple wife.

Karen said...

In my opinion, you should never apologize for your opinions or beliefs. I am sure Sarah Palin doesn't give a rat's you-know-what about your blog or mine.

My personal view is that all "under the belt" stuff is distasteful and nasty. I don't play in to it, but it doesn't mean you can't.

The marriage of humor and politics together is should never go away.

Mari Meehan said...

Ah, Sarah Palin. Ego and ambition know no bounds.

Betty said...

patsy: And, now, some other teenage boy has come forward, apparently and claims the girl's baby is his. They start coming out of the woodwork when they think they can have their 15 minutes of fame, don't they? Guess he has never heard of DNA.

karen: I don't think anyone should apologize for his/her opinion, but, sometimes I get a little too sarcastic, and sound too serious. You're right, you have to have humor with your politics. Otherwise, chaos reigns.

dogwalkmusings: I expect she will fade into the background, now.

ME said...

I'm so sick of McCain and Palin and they "talk" of change. Ya, just look up the actual records .. it's a little different than what they say.

Sister--Helen said...

Well all we hear on the news here in AZ is Palin, know this is McCains home town and this is a strong Republican state but I would like some other news....

Richard said...

The sad part of this whole deal with the repugnant ones is that they only went for a women VP choice for political expediency. She reached out to disaffected Hilaryites right from the start.

They will do anything and everything in an attempt to stay in power. There is sooooooo much money at stake and their backers have a whole lot to spend in any way they wish.

Do you find it all coincidental that Mrs. Palin's hubby is an Oil man?

And field dressing a moose, is that the kind of skill set we're looking for in a VP. Oh, I forgot. that would be a step up from one who shooots their friends in the face with a shotgun.

Anyway, I listened to enough misrepresentations, mockery, and BS in her speech to understand she is a good little stepford republican and will do what ever she is programmed to do and say.

For me it just doesn't matter. She and her party are clueles.

I am hopeful we can move up the intellectual and moral scale with our next president.