Sunday, September 07, 2008

But, Seriously...........

I actually felt sorry for John McCain Thursday night, at first. So many things went wrong for him that night. It should have been his night to shine, but he was completely overshadowed by his choice for Vice President. First, when he appeared on stage, he looked old and tired, resembling anything but the "maverick" he claims to be. That green screen didn't help any. Then, the backdrop with the blue sky and the flag flying was supposed to make us think of Patton. But, McCain didn't bear any resemblance to General Patton. Instead of a rousing speech with the crowd on its feet most of the time, he launched into an "I have sinned" kind of speech that should have sounded humble, but it wasn't because he pretty much absolved himself.

The bulk of the speech was the same tired old reminiscences about how he got shot down and spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton, and other POW camps. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I think I sort of snapped during that self-aggrandizing speech. I actually wanted to yell at the screen and tell him that I knew plenty of guys who came back from Vietnam sick and broken after having been injured and/or held in POW camps. And, every last one of them came home and got on with their lives and didn't have to use their experiences to get ahead for the next 30 years.

Just take a closer look at John McCain. He proudly describes his own timeat the Naval Academy as a "four-year course of insubordination and rebellion." He claims his father and grandfather got a kick out of his antics.

He once toyed with the idea of joining the French Foreign Legion, until he found out that the Legion required nine years of service.

I wonder how they liked the fact that he was such a "hot dog" that he crashed one plane into Corpus Christi Bay in Texas. Then, he ejected from another jet that flamed out as he was flying solo. Was he showing off?

Later, he knocked down power lines by flying too low over southern Spain. Hot-dogging, again? It has to be unusual for a young fighter pilot to lose that many planes without being stuck behind a desk, or mustered out, or had his path to promotions frozen. Unless, of course, he has a grandfather and father who are both Admirals.

The fact that he showed such recklessness and lack of judgment that he lost at least four planes can't speak too well for his presidential ambitions. I say "four" planes, because being shot down in Vietnam can't be called a success. Considering his past, could he have been showing off once again, flying too low, taking chances, mindless of everything but the thrill of the kill? He admits that he never considered the idea that he could lose his life in the war.

During his speech, he didn't say one word about his policies, or his vision for his presidency. He really couldn't, you know. Because he intends to continue the damage that was done by the Bush Administration. He wants to privatize Social Security, pass a Constitutional Amendment making abortion not only illegal in ANY case, but making it a criminal offense. He has no intention of "reforming" health care, and has never uttered a word about education. He has voted against the Federal Minimum Wage 14 times. He voted against the new G.I. Bill until it became expedient for him to vote for it.

I could go on and on, and I probably will, but not right now. Right now, I am feeling pretty disgusted about that speech, and all the other speeches made during that pathetic convention.

More later.


Lisa said...

Betty, I think Obama should put you on the campaign trail as a surrogate. Your observations are spot on.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that things have gone down the toilet like they have these past eight years...I don't know if Obama will change things...but I'm willing to give him a chance. "Maverick" McCain will be more of the same!!

Mari Meehan said...

You're right on Betty, but the love fest continues. If we don't see a change in tone from the media in the next week I'm going to be worried.

Dianne said...

Right on!

I'm worried about when Palin hits all the "news" shows, she is such a distraction from issues which I think is a huge part of her appeal to McCain and the zombies who support him.

Linda said...

This is a very good post. I get more worried about McCain every day. He is certainly not the man we thought we knew. Everyday I like him less and his VP pick was way more than I could stand.

Richard said...

Go get em Betty. Great post today. If you have the time cruise today's Huff Post for some great articles on Palin, McCain, the economy and the election.

The powers of darkness are attempting to divert the elctorates attention from the republicans record and onto the trivial.

Garrison Keillor thinks it's working. (maybe)


Betty said...

lisa: Thanks. I'm certainly trying to do my part here at home.

mary: It is amazing to me that there are still some people who think things are just fine.

dogwalkmusings: The media just won't ask the questions I want them to ask. Frustrating!

dianne: Zombies. Absolutely. And, there are far too many of them for my taste. A lot of them are here in my town. Ugh.

linda: Caving to the religious right isn't exactly being a "maverick" is it?

richard: Garrison Keillor may be right. It's downright scary.

Minnesotablue said...

Thank God for the Huff post. She tells it like it is. I am also sick and tired of McCains American hero stories. What has he done since then? Left his wife who raised his children while he was gone to marry a flaky rich bimbo, tried to abolish the department of education, anti abortion, anti social security supports the unjustified war and on and on! He is a extreme right winger and I hope the press exposes him and Palin for what they truly are!