Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Love A Rainy Day

But, enough is enough. These old bones have ached for a month and a half, and I'm tired of it. It's time for a little sunshine.

Looks as though West Virginia put a little sunshine in Hillary's life, at least temporarily. It won't be enough for her to win, but it is enough for her to keep on until the primaries are finally over. She needs to try to recoup some of the million$ she has lent to her campaign.

Which brings me to the Super Delegates. It seems to me that they should have remained neutral until the primaries are over. Same goes for the sitting Senators and Congresspeople and Governors. After all, they are supposed to represent their constituents, so they should let the voters decide the race. Then, when it's all over and the mud dries up, they can endorse the candidate their own state voters chose. Why do we have delegates, anyway, if they are not going to do what we want them to do? Huh?

But, especially the Super Delegates. After all, they're only there to prevent some kind of disaster, aren't they? Like making sure the voters don't elect a blithering idiot? Whatever you might think about Hillary, she is not unsuitable. So shouldn't the Super Delegates sit down and shut up?

I continue to have the sinking feeling that the Democrats have, once again, screwed the pooch, as they say at NASA. This kind of divisive race is not something we needed this year, when it seemed we couldn't possibly lose. We surely CAN lose. It all comes down to whether the voters are more biased against women or black people. We have gotten into the unfortunate habit of voting "against" rather than "for" a candidate.

West Virginia voters showed us which candidate they were against, didn't they? Phew! Did you see some of the comments made by the citizens of that state? Makes one think that maybe we should just build a big old wall around it so none of them can escape and taint the rest of the country. Maybe it's all those coal mines. Makes them live like moles, always in the dark.

And, now that they have made their racism crystal clear, they can go on to vote solidly Republican in the general election.

I don't mind admitting, I have never been as undecided about an election as I have been this one. One day, I think I want Hillary to win, and the next day, I'm convinced that Obama is the best bet.

All I know is I'll vote for whoever is the candidate!


Donna said...

"I have never been as undecided about an election as I have been this one. One day, I think I want Hillary to win, and the next day, I'm convinced that Obama is the best bet."

Exactly my sentiment.

I am also happy that I haven't become disgusted beyond participating at this point -- as I have been with previous elections, where I just get tired and lose interest altogether.

Always a pleasure reading your entries.

Karen said...

So now Edwards has thrown his support behind Obama. Our local news anchor said he might be lining himself for a vice-presidential nod. Interesting.

Nancy said...


I work at the polls here and the same line is said over and over by the voters as they leave the curtained voting machine.

"They should have NONE OF THE ABOVE as a choice."

It's funny because each person who says that line thinks that it is original with them. They have no idea that I have been hearing it all day.

Does this tell you anything?

Chancy said...

I have to admit I wanted HRC but it seems it is not to be. Oh well.

Richard said...

Betty, be of strong heart; both the rain and the primaries will eventually end.

If Hillary plays it right from this day forward, she can take a couple of victory laps and bow out gracefully on June 4th.

If she gets nasty, with no clear advantage to doing it, we will know she is attempting to sabotage Obama and the party.

I hope she does not do that, but remember she's married to Bill Clinton, possessor of a huge Ego.

When the election comes in November, I am going to vote for the Dem's candidate and be glad they both had a shot.

History is being made this election, now we just need a Dem in the whitehouse, before the republicans steal us blind.


kenju said...

I am from WV, originally, and please don't hold it against me. I have gotten some horrid email crap from WVians, against Obama. I told one guy last week that Obama does best in areas where there is a high concentration of college-educated people, and since we all know that doesn't exist in WV, I was not surprised that he lost. Shut him up right away!!

Talisman said...

Have you seen what Obama is doing in Kentucky? He's appealing to the Evangelical Christians by promoting his conversion to Christianity and how becoming President is going to somehow fulfill "The Lord's Work."

I wonder how that's going to impact his standing within the Liberal community, to be honest.

Front of the flyer:

Back of the flyer:

patsy said...

i didn't see any comments from west virgina but if they were racist comments it probably was that they were telling their real feeling. but i can not see how mccain can win. i think i could beat him.

Nancy said...


I always seem to agree with Patsy.

She and I are on the same wave length.She said if there were any racist remarks, they were showing their true feelings.

There is an old saying:

"A Gaffe is when you accidently tell the truth."

Doc said...

I am convinced that Obama can beat McCain but not sure that Hillary can.... More people here in NC voted in the democratic primary than voted for Bush in the last presidential election... That is exciting to think of because NC NEVER votes Democrat in national races.

Betty said...

donna: This primary season has been very interesting. At least, it has kept my attention.

karen: I don't know about Vice-President, but I can see him heading up some kind of poverty initiative. It would have to be the real deal, though.

nancy: People around here say that whether they really mean it or not. I think it gets to be a habit, sometimes.

chancy: I just wanted to be able to vote for a woman, finally. Too bad.

Rich: I agree, as usual, except that I don't think Hillary listens to Bill much, any more. lol

Betty said...

kenju: I'm happy that you escaped. lol

talisman: I haven't seen anything about Obama's campaign in Kentucky. But, given all the lies about his religion, why shouldn't he let people know he's a Christian?

patsy and nancy: I'm sure they were telling the truth. That's what disturbs me.

doc: It is very gratifying to see so many people in some of the red states voting for Obama. A good indication that people are just plain fed up.

Talisman said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with letting people know you're a Christian; but, there's something a bit unnerving about a liberal saying that being president would "Fulfill God's Work" and trying to use that to recruit people who are pretty much against everything that liberals stand for.

I guess anything for the votes. I had just hoped that Obama was above trying to use any means necessary to win and trying to sway the anti-gay, anti-abortion evangelical Christians seems like a "try anything to win" tactic to me.

Betty said...

talisman: I went to the photobucket site you mentioned, and it has been removed. Could it be that it was proven false?

Talisman said...

Hmm, I can still see them at the photobucket site, but I googled and also found them here:

Talisman said...

Ug that link is too long, try this instead:

Sorry to flood your comments!

Kell said...

I agree with you on the super delegates. They should stay mum and shouldn't be forced to voice their opinions.

That flyer of Obama's is frustrating. It's frustrating that he has to do that because there are so many ignorant people out there who still think he is a Muslim (a voter interviewed on NPR said she wouldn't vote for Obama because she heard he was a Muslim). I'm not slammin' Muslims, I'm just saying it's sad he feels he has to set himself up as a good Christian in order to win.

And I might be reading it wrong, but I didn't read the statement on the flyer "My faith teaches me that I can sit in church and pray all I want. But I won't be fulfilling God's will unless I go out and do the Lord's work" as meaning his being president or in politics is doing God's work. One of teachings of the Bible is that once you have accepted faith, you should use your gifts and talents in his name. Some would say you should testify and try to convert others, but I think it means more that those who just sit back in the corner aren't using their gifts. Hey! I just sit in the corner! Oh well, no one ever accused me of overdoing the whole "gifts and talents" things.

Betty said...

talisman: OK. I see what you mean, now. I'm not crazy about that, but he must think he has to do it. Thanks for the info.

kell: He might as well get used to all the "muslim" talk. I guess you heard Shrub today. He says he wasn't aiming his "appeasement" remarks in Israel to Obama, but he was lying, as usual. You could tell he was lying. His mouth was moving.

Anonymous said...

Blimey ! All this campaigning over there just goes ... on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and you havn't even started the Presidential election yet. If only we in the UK could elect our own head of state, I'd even put up with all that 'razzamatazz'. :-)

Betty said...

big john: And, here I was thinking how nice it would be to have a king or queen, and not have to go through this misery every four years!