Friday, April 04, 2008

Little Things Piss Me Off

Lately, I've noticed that even websites I love have begun to piss me off. This is bad, since I do all my shopping on line because people piss me off when I go into stores or out in traffic or in restaurants or at movie theaters......well, you get the idea. So, when I started getting just a tad irritated at my beloved and Netflix, I decided it was time to complain.

You'd think that the people in charge of the site would have mastered computer technology to the point of being able to develop something that would alert them to the fact that some of the items they suggest to me are items I have already purchased. I know they could do this if they tried, because if I order a book that I purchased back in, say, 2003, I get a little message in red, at the top of the page reminding me about it. It also reminds me that I'm old and forgetful, but that's neither here nor there.

It only stands to reason that, if they can already tell ME what books I have ordered in the past, they should know how to tweak the technology enough to give THEMSELVES the same information? Right? Right! has more ways of analyzing me, my likes and dislikes, than an FBI profiler. I suspect they can predict my mood on any given day, just from the information I have provided to them. When I first logged on, I gave them a list of my reading preferences. They always ask me to rate the books I have just read, and I dutifully comply. There is also a place for me to check if I am not interested in a book they have recommended, which they assure me will help them decide what future offerings to recommend. They offered me the opportunity to make a "wish list", which friends and family could check when it is time to give me a gift. I haven't filled this out, however, because I'd rather have a gift certificate, then I can pick out my own gift, thank you very much.


On to Netflix, another of my favorite sites.

Since I "discovered" this wonderful service, I have ordered "No Country For Old Men", "Michael Clayton", "Gone Baby Gone", "The Good Shepherd" and all of the "Bourne" movies, among others of that genre, with an occasional foray into silly British farces, such as "Sean of the Dead".

So, I'd like for them to 'splain to me what it is about the above movie rentals that suggests to you that I would also enjoy "What Women Want", "Annie Hall", "Mr. Deeds" and "Sense and Sensibility", "While You Were Sleeping" and "Sleepless In Seattle".

Pay attention, people! This chick don't watch chick flicks! By recommending them, are you trying to say something derogatory about my movie choices? Or, perhaps I'm being too sensitive and you are just trying to lighten up my otherwise dreary life. Whatever.

Get busy, Amazon. com and Netflix and fix this minor irritation. I will keep ordering movies and books from you, but you could make me a little happier by not trying to second-guess me on my choices.

Bur, I warn you, I am at an age where I could turn on you at a moment's notice.


Nancy said...


The practice of "second guessing" customer's wants and likes started with dear old Sears.

Remember when they had the catalog and they never wanted to disappoint you if they ran out of the item you wanted to order? It went like this.

I want to order catalog # G5639352
Ladie's slacks:Color 04 British blue.. Size 12
shipping weight 14oz.

About a week later you would get a package from Sears, with a letter saying." Sorry we did not have # G5639352 in stock. Because we do not want to disappoint you we are sending a substitute order. Hope you like the purple and white polka dot blouse,size 42 we have shipped."

Do you suppose all of these creative people who used to work at Sears went over to Netflix and Amazon when the catalog gave up the ghost???

DirkStar said...

I hate any site that recommends things based on what I just ordered. They are never right and I always wonder what the connecting point was.

Amazon is the absolute worst...

katy said...

LOL to nancy's comment!!!
just glad they son't second guess when I do my on line groery shopping!!!

patsy said...

the movie guys have you and your son mixed up.

Peggy said...

People who bought this book, have also purchased these books . . . . Grrrr :-( It is annoying in the extreme. The ONLY person it might help is the hopeless case buying books for somebody else as a gift on-line. As I am not that person, I feel justified in being really annoyed as well!

Joy Des Jardins said...

I love NetFlix; but I have to agree with you about second-guessing my choices. I could do without that little extra. I could also do without the e-mails they send to rate movies you've watched....bothersome sometimes.

Tink said...

What, you mean you DON'T like chick flicks? But... You're a CHICK!

Yeah, I'd be bitching about that too. :)

Newt said...

For some reason, when I go to Amazon they show me shoes. What's up with that???