Monday, October 01, 2007


Fred Thompson must have gotten away from his nurse the other day. He made a speech in which he said it was a good thing we went into Iraq when we did, given Saddam's weapons of mass destruction and nuclear program. Poor thing. He must have been out of the loop when the memo went around.


I got a phone call from someone from the Arkansas Health Department. She was taking a survey to see how many people she could scare into thinking there was going to be a flu pandemic. One of the questions was: "Do you know what a pandemic is?" I said, "Yes. It's an epidemic that affects so many people that pandemonium breaks out. Get it? Pandemonium/Pandemic?" Actually I only said yes. I said the rest of that on the inside. If she was asking for information, she can look it up.

She asked if I currently had a two week supply of drinking water in the house. Now, where would I keep a two week supply of water? She also wanted to know if I had a two week supply of canned goods and prescription drugs that I might need.

Apparently, she doesn't read my blog. Hello! I'm not organized enough to plan that far ahead. Besides, it's just the flu, not armageddon.


I need help.

Does anyone know what is wrong with Blogger? I work feverishly (OK, I work on it in fits and starts) on my blog and get it to look just right, then, I save it. When I go back to it, there might be an inch between paragraphs, or even more. So, I get everything back the way I want it, and post it. I go to View Post, and part of it is ok, and the rest has big gaps between paragraphs again.

Call me a control freak, but, when I put a paragraph two spaces after the one before it, I expect it to stay that way. I have noticed that this happens on some of the other blogs, too. So, what can be done about it?


Sorry if this one bored you. I'll try to do better next time.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed the paragraph thing now and then too.

What really bothers me is I like 2 spaces between sentences (I'm just weird that way) but Blogger's always trying to turn my 2 spaces into 1 (and usually succeeds). DRIVES me crazy!

Tink said...

It happens on mine too. I just cuss at it a bit. Not that that helps anything. But it sure makes me feel better.

Anonymous said...

I think you should've invited the phone person to come help you get all set up for the upcoming pandemonium.

Blogger drove me nuts, so I left. That's my advise :)

Newt said...

Happens to me too but I have never managed to figure out how to fix it. Grrr, I agree it is annoying. If I ever do though, I'll let you know. Promise

Jay said...

That problem with blogger is a bug that happens in Internet Explorer. Google/Blogger would fix it, but they don't give a crap.

Five O'Clock Fred may need a new nickname. Something like Fred the Flop. LOL

Peggy said...

The paragraph thing happens to me ALL THE TIME. It is much worse after adding photographs. I have just learned that I must preview first to check and then go back and delete the extra space.

katy said...

shame on her for not reading your blog! she don't knwo what she is missing.
yep i have the paragraph spacing problem, i just delete the gaps

Kell said...

I let go of caring what Blogger does. As long as the pictures show up, that's all I really care about. Of course, those typos that it leaves in are annoying ;-)

She took your word for it that you knew what pandemic meant? She didn't say, "Oh yeah? what does it mean Miss Smarty Pants." But I guess that wouldn't be professional.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Susan. I got tired of the posting struggle with Blogger and moved over to WordPress. It was an easy move and well worth it. Couldn't get Willi to go though.

Sister--Three said...

Have the cynical guy to look at your setup. He might me able to switch it so you can control spacing. I have trouble if I go in to edit after it is posted. Sometimes it will double space what I have posted without me telling it to so I have to go edit again and take it out.

Thompson was making a movie when the memo went around. He wants to be the next Reagan.

I am taking the flu shot. . are you? I am around a lot of flu each year at school.

Betty said...

freddie: Blogger is pretty stubborn about things like that.

tink: I've been known to say a feww well-chosen words, too.

susan: I'm too old to change. lol

newt: Good. I hope you can figure it out.

Betty said...

jay: Fred isn't trying hard enough. He doesn't really want to be president - or, maybe be wants to be appointed, like Bush was.

peggy: I have noticed that about the photographs.

her indoors: Sometime the gaps just refuse to be deleted.

kell: Blogger can't spell, either.

gawilli: I may move one day, but I have noticed that other blog sites have their own sets of problems.

sister-three: I don't take the flu shots - never have. I just don't get out in crowds or go to movie theaters or Wal-Mart, if I can help it. It's probably best that you get one, though, since kids are always coming to school with something catching.

Melissa said...

Betty, the paragraph thing drives me crazy. It seems to happen after I've added something (a new paragraph in the middle of what I'd already written, or a photo).

Click to put the cursor at the end of the paragraph before the too-big gap, then hit Delete until the first sentence of the next paragraph is brought up (as if it's the next sentence of the paragraph you have your cursor at the end of - terrible grammar, I know), then hold Shift and hit Enter twice - your paragraphs should be spaced properly.

It's a bit of a pain in the ass, but it works. Usually.

Betty said...

melissa: Thanks, I'll try that.

Helena said...

Not a boring blog in the least. In fact it's full of really helpful comments on how to cope with the annoying paragraph and space problems.......! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I love your definition of pandemic.Unfortunately it reminded me that I need to get my flu shot.

And you sound just like my husband who loves to tell me how organized he was. Since we have only been married for six years, I have to take his word for this. I sure haven't seen any real organization since our marriage. I think maybe, it flew out the window with his "I do". It's okay, I love him inspite of his not being able to find anything in his office.

Joan said...

Poor Fred Thompson. Apparently his role on Law And Order has kept him from reading the newspaper all this years. The other day he referred to present day Russia as the Soviet Union. Duh...

As for Blogger, I've been having the line spacing problem for months and months. I used to think that it only happened when I added a graphic to my post. Now today I find that it occurs even when there's only text. Go figure...

Betty said...

lena: Thank you. Sorry to report, I tried Melissa's fix, but apparently it didn't work. (See my new blog).

hi, Maria: Glad you liked my definition. Welcome to my blog.

hello, Joan: Welcome back. Tere is really no reason that this spacing problem can't be fixed. Grrrr.