Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Gotta Get Out More

I got a hair cut Tuesday. Ta-Da! I actually got out of the house! This was no mean feat, when you consider what a hermit I am. Oh, I get out when I have to, or when there's something I really want to do, or when I have to go to the grocery store. Nevertheless, it's a real chore to get me out. I love to stay at home read and blog and nap and watch tv and movies. After all those work years, I kinda feel "entitled" to do whatever I please, and not do whatever I don't please.

The computer has opened up a whole new world of shopping without having to deal with people, but I have't yet figured out a way to get a hairdresser to come to my house and give me a hair cut. So, I went. And, it was a wasted trip. I didn't learn one bit of gossip!


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So, O.J. is in trouble again. Boo-hoo. They're really piling on the allegations, too. If he is convicted of all the charges, he'll be in the pokey for a good long time.

Note to media: He's made bail. Nothing more to see here. Move along. Let us know how it turns out.


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Such a dustup! The papers are reporting that Barry Manilow has been unvited to appear on The View because he refuses to appear with Elizabeth. He doesn't like or agree with Elizabeth. And, he'd rather not have her sit next to him during his segment of the show.

Well, of course it's silly! But, The View lives for controversy. And, the ladies are getting along much too well these days.


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Apparently, Condi Rice "demanded" a meeting with the Pope, and he refused, saying that he was on vacation. She had to go on to the Middle East without his blessing, I guess. Maybe she should have asked nicely.


I watched "Hot Fuzz" the other night. It was nothing like I thought it would be. In fact, I expected to be bored and go back to my book withing the first fifteen minutes, but what a pleasant surprise it was. It was British, it was a spoof, it was funny. My kind of movie.

Next movie: "Zodiac"


I also started reading "Mother Tongue" by Bill Bryson. What an unpleasant surprise it was. I have never read an un-funny book by him, so this one was disappointing, and boring. I know to go on to my next book when the one I'm currently reading puts me to sleep on the second page. Yawn! It was professorial, to say the least. He had obviously done a lot of research, and far be it from me to lecure a writer on what he should write. After all, even I have my serious moments.

But, I have come to expect humor from Bryson. I guess this is what I get when I break one of my own rules and read non-fiction.


Did anyone watch the Emmys? I hear viewership was down about 20%, but I kind of enjoyed it this year. There were lots of actors I had never heard of, and I found that a bit refreshing. The winners have been the same old crowd for so many years, I was glad to see some new blood. Not that I watched any of the shows, you understand. Most of them are aimed at viewers much younger than I, but I watch the award shows anyway, to see who everyone is wearing and listen for the odd outrageous acceptance speech. Ah, and Sally Fields never disappoints. She got bleeped, but I can read lips.

If Ryan Seacrest ever gets a shot at being the emcee again, he might want to rethink the idea of wearing a costume.

That's all for now.


Sister--Three said...

Betty when you described what you enjoy doing...it sounded just like me. We pick different books to read though and I just can't get into the tv.

I look forward to living a hermit life like you. I might even turn up at Harrison if I outlive my hubby.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I tend to me a hermit..like you Betty. I find great comfort in front of my computer screen....typing away or reading what everyone has to say. I so easily get lost in it all. I love movies and tv shows too....and they take up a good portion of whatever time is leftover from blogging. Okay...I also love to play games and cards with family and friends...so there's that too. But honestly....I run errands, go out to dinner or lunch here and there, and the occasional visit to someone's house; but I'm finding myself at home more and more. I don't know whether that's a good or bad thing....it just is what it is. Maybe we're just 'Happy Hermits.' Take care Betty....

John said...

I'm with you on this 'hermit' thing Betty. Luckily my wife feels the same way.

Kell said...

So much in one post! There was an editorial cartoon in today's paper with a guard bringing "Thank You" flowers to OJ saying, "They're from cable news." Hahahahaha

You've earned your time as a hermit.

CarmenSinCity said...

I didn't watch the Emmy's. I only watch the Red Carpet. ha ha

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Oh good grief can we all let go of the OJ thing? I'm with you, write about how it turns out and leave it alone outside of that. Yawn.

her indoors said...

we do have hairdresser that visit your home over here they are called mobile hairdressers, hey give them a call and just see how far they will travel LOL.
not seen Hot Fuzz yet but want to, have seen Zodiac, it is great, just seen 1408 i enjoyed that one as well.

Tink said...

I hate Ryan Seacrest. I don't know why. Maybe it was that stupid catch phrase he had or the fact that you could SEE the make-up caked on his face during each close up shot. On the few times I actually caught American Idol I found myself secretly hoping he'd be mauled by the rejected contestants. So sad that he wasn't.

Melissa said...

Absolutely loved Hot Fuzz. Matt and I keep making "a great big bushy beard!" jokes to each other, whether or not it's warranted by the situation.

Betty said...

sister-three, joy des jardins, john, so many hermits! Staying at home is fun.

kell: Hahahahaha

carmen: You know the red carpet was "green" this year. Ecologically correct, you know.

QofD: I really don't care what happens to him.

her indoors: What a fine idea! Wonder why we don't have that service over here.

tink: Ryan Seacrest is just strange.

melissa: I may watch it again some day.

Newt said...

I like the hermit life too. It's a good life. Peaceful, no irritants. And I wanted to see Hot Fuzz in the theater. No idea why we didn't make it. We'll probably just buy it. We own sean of the dead and loved it.