Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Rumsfeld says that there was no cover-up in the Tillman case. Excuse me? Then, why are so many people getting in trouble? Why is a Three-Star General in danger of losing that third star? Why, if this was friendly fire, did he get shot three times? That doesn't seem very friendly to me. I'll be fascinated to see how this all plays out.


Poor Hillary. First they say she's trying to prove her manhood by wearing power pants suits. Then, just let her show 1/4" of cleavage and they accuse her of trying to use her feminine wiles to get votes.

It's going to be a long, long election season.


Barack Obama is scolding Pakistan's President for not doing enough to get rid of terrorists, Cheney is scolding Hillary and all but calling her unpatriotic for wanting to know what the plan is for Iraq , and Congress is talking about impeachment proceedings against Gonzales. Yap, yap, yappity-yap. But, is anybody actually doing anything productive?


Lindsey Lohan will eventually do four days in jail, just enough time for her to sober up, but not enough for her to develop a good case of the DTs.


Someone new is moving into the apartment above mine. Whoopee! The sight of a ping-pong table being carried up the stairs doesn't bode well for my easily jangled nerves. I can't tell, yet, how many people are actually moving in, because there are several helping to carry things. I hope there won't also be a boom box spewing rap day and night.

Time will tell. I think I can pretty well predict that there will only be one game of ping-pong played up there. As for the boom box, if they will play music I like, I'll put up with it longer than all that hip-hop crap.

I don't know which is worse, teen-aged boys or teen-aged girls. Boys tend to entertain their buddies and get drunk and piss off the balcony and throw up in the bushes outside my window. But, girls are drama queens, usually, and fight with their boyfriends and roommates, etc. One time, the two girls living up there practiced their tap-dancing in the kitchen. Talk about nerve-wracking!

I guess I've been too lucky too long, with only working people living upstairs. They tend to be quiet and sleep at night.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


Peggy said...

A ping pong table in an apartment? The apartments where you live must be HUGE!

Grannymar said...

I am at the stage in life where I am thinking about apartment life again. I can live without the work in my garden.

I did live in an apt. in the early 70's I was working all day and out most evenings. I never heard or met my neighbours. Now it would be different.

Learning to live with 'noises off' etc.

Will you blog bout the pro's and cons please.

her indoors said...

think all teenagers should be moved into a 'teenage complex' it would make life more livable for us! fingers crossed with you then that the music they play is bearable and the table tennis is soon moved out!

patsy said...

there is alway the possibality that the so called friendly fire was murder and then they covered it up.
of course that bumb romsfelt had nothing to do with it, he was busy ordering more water boarding.
i agree with you, talk talk do nothing. they all make me sick now our peace canidate or what we thought was a peace canidate wants to widen the war to get benladen. i think that he is dead and i think our goverment knows it.

Newt said...

I was an upstairs neighbor for many years. And the only time the person below me complained was when our shower was apparently leaking into his apartment. He really went off on me. But um, how could we have possible known? It was too funny.

Nancy said...

"Hillary shows 1/4" of cleavage and they accuse her of using her feminine wiles to get votes"......

Don't you love it, Betty? They are scared to death of her so they pick on any little thing they can.How obvious can they get?

Best Democratic ticket for '08.

Hillary for President
Joe Biden for Vice President

Hillary can run all the domestic affairs (Health insurance for all, Rescind the tax breaks for the rich, settle the Mexican Immigration problems ) and Bill and Joe can go around the World and try to patch up the International mess that has been made by the Bush Administration.

This is why they make cracks about her cleavage. They know she is smarter than they are and they are trying to diminish her in any way they can. Do you notice them picking on Chris Dodd or Dennis Kucinich ? Wonder why?

Annie said...

Nancy knows! And you, Betty, are on target too. I hope the neighbors turn out to be charming, sensitive and thoughtful.

CarmenSinCity said...

Well, if there is an attractive young man living up there - you are screwed! He'll be bringing girl after girl up there, lying to them all, cheating on them and they'll start to suspect that something is up, so they will start stalking him, driving by all hours of the night, knocking on the door, catching him in the act and THEN they'll be ANGRY and they'll fuck up his car, and egg his windows and there will be all kinds of commotion and the girls will fight outside and it'll be pure craziness. Or, maybe that's just me and what I used to do. hehe

Tink said...

They were tap dancing? Wow. That's really rude. Sounds like you need to get a top story apartment!

Betty said...

peggy: The complex has about 36 buildings - 12 apartments per bldg. And, they'll only play one game.

grannymar: I think the pros outweigh the cons. But, I live in a very small town - things would be different, I think, in a city.

her indoors: I'm with you, but please don't move them to MY apartment complex. lol

patsy: I guess you're talking about Obama. I'm not convinced that he has enough experience to be president.

newt: One of my upstairs neighbors went off and left the water running in her bathtub. Did I get a good dousing!

nancy: I'm thinking Hillary and Richardson. But, Biden knows his stuff, too.

Betty said...

annie: A little peace and quiet is all I can reasonable expect. lol

carmen: You little rascal! I have seen and heard some pretty wild shouting matches, but not recently.

tink: Then, they'd be complaining about me! lol

Joy Des Jardins said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you too Betty. One of the most uncomfortable situations is having neighbors who don't share the same respect for fellow tenants as you do. It can be frustrating, stressful, and exhausting. I know of another blogger friend who has been going through that very HELL.

I kind of feel badly for Hillary actually....she's scrutinized no matter what she does. Somehow....I think she's tough enough to take it.

Betty said...

joy: Thanks for the comment. The comples managers are pretty good about keeping things under control.

Yes, somehow I think Hillary can hold her own.

Sister--Three said...

Oh, I hope you get a good neighbor. I have never thought of these things about living in an apartment...where teenagers might be your neighbors.

I think I would like an 'old folks' apt. bldg. Is there one at Harrison? No, that is a bad would have to move. Move means pack. yuk. Forget that.

I looked for you at harrison...ran up to a skinny lady and said 'are you Betty'? she hit me with her cane! Not you, right?

Betty said...

sister three: Yes, they do have apartments for old folks, but I'm not old enough for one. Har har.

Your first mistake in Harrison was to run up to a skinny lady.

Betty said...

peggy: I read your comment wrong. No, the apartments in this section of the complex are so small you couldn't swing a cat in them. The ping-pong table appears home made - slightly smaller than regulation.

Arkansas Songbird said...

My fingers are crossed for you, Betty! I once had a rock group living next door which is why I can't stand to hear Pat Benatar songs to this day! She must have been their favorite artist because they practiced her music at all hours.