Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Have Questions, Again

1. How do you lose 190,000 guns and missiles? Answer: Ask the Pentagon.

2. Why is it that, after something disastrous, such as the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, we always have to find someone to blame it on? It seems to me that it is counterproductive to spend time searching through old e-mails and various reports that will inevitably state that someone, somewhere warned those in charge that the bridge was liable to fall. While we are looking for places to point the finger, nothing is getting done to fix the problem and ensure that it doesn't happen again. And, nothing gets done about the many, many other old bridges that might suffer the same fate.

The fact is that we haven't paid much attention to our infrastructure in decades. Let's get proactive instead of waiting for something to react to.

3. And, on the same subject, I read a headline that stated that the bridge collapse could force higher gas prices. Why?

4. Why am I not crazy about going to the shows in Branson? I'll tell you why. It's because I'm afraid I'll find myself watching some entertainer who thinks it's funny to take out his dentures and appear on stage to tell jokes.

5. Why does my town seem to pour all its resources into tourism when there is absolutely nothing of interest for tourists to see or do here? Even our mall only has about six businesses left in it. It's just not enough to offer tourists a twenty minute walking tour around Harrison's "Historic" square, with a stop at our Heritage Museum and a picnic at the park on the banks of Lake Harrison.

6. Why am I not feeling more scandalized than I am about the thought of drunk astronauts? I suppose it's because I couldn't do it sober, either.

7. Hasn't this little break from Lindsey and Paris been nice?

8. Why can't I think of anything interesting to blog about? The well seems to have run dry, but I'll try to do better next time.


patsy said...

bridge disester, if we would hang the guilty parties we would have less problems like this.
gas prices, they raise the price every chance they get with any excuse.
going to branson, would not fight the crowds.

Sister--Three said...

Patsy lived near Branson for over 20 years...bet she has been there a lot!

In Pope County, they checked all the bridges this week.

One thing I kept thinking when I watched any of the bridge news was...gosh, the Mississippi is so small there. Did you notice that or even think of it? Every time they showed it, I wanted to see the River and it was not much.

You know when a well is spring fed, if you wait it will fill back up. So just relax and your 'well of information' will return and you will tell us many more things that we need to hear about!

Gas was down here yesterday to 2.49.9...cheapest in a long time.

Nancy said...



"How do you lose 190,000 guns and missiles?"

We have a very astute and funny cartoonist at the Philadelphia Inquirer and here is what he had to say about that!

His cartoon shows the IRAQ LOST AND FOUND booth manned by 2 Iraqis and Uncle Sam is standing there trying to find out if they have found his stuff.

The Iraqi is saying to Uncle Sam
"One hundred ten thousand AK 47s,Eighty thousand pistols, International reputation,The Moral High Ground........ My you ARE a scatterbrain."

jusdealem said...

"Why am I not feeling more scandalized than I am about the thought of drunk astronauts? I suppose it's because I couldn't do it sober, either."

Exactly! LOL

CarmenSinCity said...

Yes, I'm liking the break from Lindsey and Paris which is so odd because I usually LOVE the drama. At least we always have ole' faithful Britney Spears to keep us amused.

Tod said...

Wow, the thought of that space shuttle swerving through space, :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

Jay said...

I don't know why we spend so much time and effort finding out who is to blame since we never, ever actually hold them responsible or do anything about it.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

OMG, the break from Lindsey and Paris has been so nice. More than nice.

...do you suppose we could have the astronauts take them into space and leave them there?

Arkansas Songbird said...

Betty, you hit the nail on the head with #2. I have been asking that question myself for a long time.

Went to a workshop in Hope yesterday and passed the acres upon acres of FEMA trailers rotting away....if your new neighbors are too noisy maybe you get one of the trailers. They don't seem to be helping all the people in New Orleans, Louisiana and Mississippi who still don't have homes.

Last, but not least, do you read Harlan Coben? I just finished his latest, "The Woods". I couldn't put it down.

Betty said...

patsy: I only go to Branson while school is going on. That leaves out summers. lol

sister 3: You know, I thought the river looked narrow there, too.

nancy: Funny!

jusdealem: I'm a chicken.

carmen: Yes, Britney does take up the slack, doesn't she. Now, it's her 21 year old one-night-stand who's doing the talking.

tod: Do we know if the shuttle can do loop-de-loops?

jay: You are correct, sir.

QofD: That's a good idea.

songbird: I do read Harlen Coban, but haven't read that one yet. I usually wait for the paperback versions. But, it's on my list.

Joan said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog and just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed reading your recent posts especially this most recent one. Your questions and answers are so spot on! I'll be sure to visit often.

Betty said...

Hi, Joan. And, welcome. I just checked out your blog, and I think we'll get along just fine. Come back soon. This has not been a good blogging week for me, as you can probably tell. I'll get my energy back soon.

Newt said...

Darl'n you manage to say so much even when you don't think you do.

Chancy said...

Yes it is nice to be without Paris Hilton these days. I wonder how she can stand the lack of attention.

Betty said...

newt: Thank you.

chancy: Oh, she's just so busy doing 'good works' that she doesn't really notice, I guess. lol

gawilli said...

Our state dept. just closed down a bridge in LaPorte County. Guess they finally got around to checking it out after the collapse in Minneapolis. Go figure.

Maya's Granny said...

About 3 -- I think that some states are thinking of raising the gasoline tax to pay for infrastructure maintenance.