Monday, April 23, 2007

News Tidbits

Former Russian President Boris "I'll buy another round" Yeltsin died today of heart failure.

His liver died in 1993.


According to Barbara Walters, many people in the media and elsewhere are astonished to discover that women make less money than men.

She didn't name names.


The people of Baghdad will soon be living in "enclaves" (gated communities, if you will). This is what the administration is calling the walls being built to keep people from slaughtering each other. The Iraqis aren't buying the plan.

Didn't we try this in Vietnam?


It's time for them to go. The administration of Virginia Tech composed a letter asking the media to get off their campus. Apparently they think they can grieve without the media telling them how. So far, I'm still seeing stories and images from the campus.

The media just can't help itself.


All over the country, people are being offered counseling for the trauma they experienced reading and seeing the stories about the shooting at Virginia Tech. Personally, although I am sorry for the victims and their families, I think a lot of people are carrying empathy a bit too far, if someone in, say, Seattle feels victimized to the point of needing therapy.

Sometimes I think we are a society of victims.


Speaking of people needing attention, I was watching the endless saga on CNN the other day, when the reporter was speaking to a young lady on the telephone who claimed to be in the room next door to some of the shooting. She was telling about how traumatized and frightened she was, hearing all those shots. Then, she said, she heard "maniacal laughter". Up to that point, the reporter was swallowing it, hook, line and sinker. But, when she heard those words, her face changed. She questioned the girl about the laughter, and the girl repeated the claim. By that time, it was obvious the reporter was trying to figure out how to get this kook off the phone. Later, we learned that the call was a hoax. The girl WAS a student at Virginia Tech, but she wasn't anywhere near the site of the shooting.

The girl did two things wrong, besides the call itself. She got carried away with her story, and she gave her real name.


President Bush thought Gonzales did a great job at the hearing. He had nothing but high praise for the little twerp esteemed Attorney General. Gonzales says he will stay in the job, since Bush is so happy with him.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all live in President Bush's alternate reality?


Meanwhile, back at the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz is clinging to his job, even though the vast majority of members want him out.

Things just get more and more absurd. These people live in a tree.


Dogwalkmusings said...

Live in Bush's alternate reality? Seems we've all been trying to survive there for six years! Ugh!

Jay said...

Boris knew how to have a good time.

The only person in Washington that is more of a lightweight than Dubya is Alberto Gonzales. Gonzales couldn't win a battle of wits with a flea.

Annie said...

My husband and I were just talking tonight about how the Bush administration is largely composed of incompetents.

As a result of all the bad news that gets circulated and recirculated, many people, I think, are experiencing compassion fatigue at least as much as secondary trauma.

Cazzie!!! said...

Two of our solidiers got injured today when a homemade bomb exploded right in front of them in Southern Iraq.
They have been evacuated to an American Hospital at the Tallil Airbase, I hope they will be ok.

Tink said...

Re: The CNN Story.

I hadn't heard that one yet! What would possess someone to lie about that? And SO horribly?! There are too many strange, deranged, and stupid people in this world.

Maya's Granny said...

Bush is pleased with the job Gonzales did because he didn't let any information out of the bag. He doesn't have to sound intelligent, just keep the secrets he's expected to keep.