Monday, April 16, 2007

My Favorite Things

Today is my first Blogiversary! I almost forgot. Yesterday's experience must have blown what's left of my mind.

I bit the bullet and went to Wal-Mart yesterday morning, early. But, not early enough. I was about halfway through my shopping when I heard a loud, piercing scream. Yep, someone's little darling was unhappy. I rounded a corner and saw two carts, one full of groceries, pushed by a young woman, the other full of an unruly little boy who had apparently refused to sit in the child seat because he was in the basket proper. The cart was being pushed by a woman I took to be the boy's grandmother. The little boy was snatching and grabbing anything he could reach by leaning wa-a-a-ay out of the basket, and granny was putting it back. When she put something back on the right side of the aisle, he would move to the left side and grab something else. And, when she took the item from him, he roared like an outraged bull.

At one point, a big jar of jelly was dropped and broken, and granny, for reasons passing understanding, turned around and hollered at the boy's mother. At first blush, I thought her anger was misplaced, and then I decided that maybe it wasn't. After all, daughter was raising this little barbarian, wasn't she? I just didn't know why they took him to the store at all.

I rounded another aisle and, in a moment of deja vu all over again, there came a higher, more piercing scream, this time from someone's little darling girl. She had apparently been denied something and was voicing her opinion.

Time to go. I found an available checkout line and left.

I seem to be a brat magnet. That's one reason among many that I hardly ever go to Wally World. But, that's not the only place I get annoyed. It seems that, invariably, in any restaurant, I manage to be seated next to the table where there's a noisy, crying, screaming, fidgeting child or several children.

Anyway, when I got home, I had to do something to calm my jangled nerves. So, I started thinking about what I could do to change my blog's look a little bit. I asked Jay to help me with the technical stuff.

The pictures are of some of my favorite things, including coffee, books, movies and my daughter's dog, my late grandpuppy, Daily. Daily taught me to love dogs. Even though I had owned various dogs over the years, none of them had captured my heart the way she did. So, I have memorialized my little angel on my blog. Indulge me.

That's all I have to say about that.


patsy said...

betty you have a problem with spoilt children. i don't unterstand why people don't control their children. mine went places so seldem that they were very shy in puplic.

Tink said...

Lovin' the new blog-job! That dog is too cute. Hoops a brat magnet too. Fortunately I think I counteract that a bit. So we only get stuck around the screaming, crying, smoking (ok, that's an exaggeration) babies SOME of the time. Like on the plane home. Yeah. That was fun.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Congrats on the anniversary and the new look! Glad you've come into my sphere 'o blogs!

CarmenSinCity said...

YAY! Congratulations on one year. We started our blogs around the same time last year.

Walmart sucks. I go there sometimes, but I always hate it and I always remember why I stopped going there in the first place. And then somehow, I end up back there again. It's insane really.

I like the new look!!

Jay said...

Congrats on your blogiversary.

Maybe if granny has swatted that kids hand as he reached out he would have stopped. Not that I advocate beating children. Not in public anyway.

Oh stop it ... people are so sensitive. ;-)

Annie said...

Happy Anniversary to you, tra-la-la.

When I'm out and see a screaming child, I frown at him/her and fix them with my beady glare. Often it does the trick.

That dog, Daily, what a grand puppy (or grandpuppy, as you called him). Your new format proves, once again, that you've successfully learned new tricks.

Kell said...

Well, if you're a brat magnet, then I inherited it. At least at Wal-Mart. Just the other day there was a kid screaming bloody murder. I almost asked the mom if she wanted me to watch her basket while she got her son under control. He was so upset, past the point of throwing a fit, and she just ignored him and let him scream as he lunged for her. Sad, really.

Love the new look. It's been almost a year since we lost poor Daily dog. I miss her. Thank you for putting her on your blog.

gawilli said...

Happy Blogiversary! We started at the same time. It's been a nice year, hasn't it? Nice new look, too!

I don't have much patience with bratty kids and the older I get the less I have. Aren't dogs grand?

Robin said...

Found you through Eddie, are you kidding- and glad I did. I, too, was at Wally World today. Thank God, for once there were no screaming children.

I so identify with Maxine...have tons of Christmas ornaments of her that friends have given me.

I have a Jay, too, but since he got out of graphic design I'm screwed in the tech department.

Happy Blogiversary!

Betty said...

Thanks, everyone, for the good words.
Hi, Robin. Welcome.
Kell: Glad you don't mind that I put Daily Dog on my Blog. I miss her, too.

Cazzie!!! said...

Fisrt of all, I love your new look blog. Your baby is gorgeous :)
We both have a bloggiversary, mine was last week, but I just discovered it :)

I do not take my kids shopping, not all togethr anyhow.
For groceries, I go alone. I like it alone, I don;t forget a thing when I am alone. When I take kids, I forget important things, like toothpaste!!

I go up to people with screaming kids. Sometimes, I scream and pretend to cry in front of them. The child begins to laugh, and, if they are at an age that will be able top fathom my words, I say, "Now, did that look silly?" If they say yes, I say, "Well, you look just like that when you scream". I then walk off :)

Claude said...

Happy blogiversary! I like the new looks!

Sister--Three said...

Other Betty want you to know sitting by Astrid, Ingrid, and Sigrid would be a joy for you in a would probably ask if you come over and sit with the 3 little norwwegian girls. teehee
Sis 3

Sister--Three said...

Forgot to the new look!
Like getting a little face lift. New you.

Joy said...

Oh Daily really does look like a little angel Betty. (Hardly like those kids you encountered in the store) I know kids will be kids, but that kind of behavior bothers me more and more these days...maybe it's just me. Thank God my granddaughter knows that kind of stuff just won't's a no-no, so don't even go there.

I love your new banner....and Happy Blogiversary!

susan said...

Happy Blogiversary! I love the makeover, it gives me such a different image of you.

Out of control kids...I just want to whack the parents!!

dc said...

Happy Blog Birthday 1. Hope you stick around for many more, as I enjoy your rantings. :) I agree about the kids, I guess since we can't dicipline them any more, must explain for some of the stuff we are seeing with young folks and their attitudes anymore. Dang, are we all just getting to old? Please tell me no.

Peggy said...

Happy Bloggy Anniversary.

Long may you reign!

her indoors said...

happy blog anniversary. the new look is great I need me a Jay man too!
kids, who'd have em! there is an advert on tv over here of a woman shopping with her kid, the kid goes into a temper tantrum and the mum responds by throwing one herself, it worked too!!!

Erica AP said...

It true - my niece is a crazy kid too and my Mom and I have talk about how if she had to babysit and take her out in public she wouldn't be able to reprimand her because it's not her child... It's not a realistic problem right now because they live in Germany. :)

Betty said...

Thanks for all the good blogiversary wishes.
Cazzie: How brave you are! If you did that here, the mother might have you arrested.

Ellie said...

Happy Blogiversary! I love your new look too, the pics are great! Sorry to hear that your a brat magnet, I have friends who have that same curse.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Wal-Mart = The Devil's Playground

I am a magnet for smokers. They find me. In restaurants (yes, they still allow smoking in restaurants around here, but I don't want to start a mass migration to Missouri), in the bowling alley, in the park, in the casino. All smokers converge on me. It's enough to make me want to throw a tantrum.

Happy Blogiversary. I would sing it, but I'm not in the car.

John said...

Happy Blogiversary. 'Child friendly' restaurants. The people who thought that up should be made to eat at one for the rest of their lives !

Melissa said...

Happy Blogiversary, Betty!

Regarding screaming bratty kids: when we were young and at a restaurant or store and started acting up, my mom would lean over and tell us quietly that if we didn't behave, we were leaving. One chance to straighten up. If we didn't, she left.

She brought us with her, of course.

It may have taken her longer to complete errands and may have interrupted some dinners out, but the parent has to follow through.

We learned very quickly what is and is not acceptable behavior in public. To this day, you won't find me snatching items off grocery store shelves or throwing my spaghetti on the restaurant floor. :)

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL Betty, for sure, I know, most people should have their name changed to "Sue" or even just their middle name!!
In this case, the mother was thankful it shut her toddler up. I think I have had one instance when my kids chicked a mooga in a store, and I just left the store completely!!

Michelle said...

Love the header! And a happy blogiversary to you. :O)

Newt said...

The header is totally cool. Good job! And Happy Blogiversary to you. I'm very thankful you are out here sharing stories.