Saturday, April 14, 2007

Do Not Call

I got another one of those annoying political telemarketing calls yesterday. You know, the ones that aren't affected by the "Do Not Call" list. This one was from the Democratic National Committee trying to get a donation because, "Now that we have captured the House and the Senate, we need money to keep and add to our majority. And, we have to get a Democrat elected president." Seems to me this is starting much too early. Anyway, here's how it went.

Me: Hello?

Him: Is this Ms. A?

Me: Yes

Him: I'm with the Democratic National Committee. How are you today?

Me: Fine

Him: (After long spiel explaining why he's calling, as if I didn't know) We were just wondering if you would be able to send us a donation of $100.

Me: No, not at this time.

Him: (More spiel, in case my tiny little brain wasn't able to wrap itself around it the first time) So, could you send us, maybe $50?

Me: No, I never commit to donations over the phone. There'll be plenty of mailings I can reply to in the next two years.

Him: So, how much CAN you send?

Me: Nothing, zip, zero, not a penny. I won't commit to anything over the telephone.

Him: Well, you know it's very import-----------CLICK

And, he probably turned around to his fellow telemarketers and told them I was rude.


susan said...

Next time nip it in the bud when they ask you how you are. Just start whining about all of your aches and pains, how your children never come to visit you and if they are still there start talking about all of your many cats. That should get them to scratch your name off forever!

Betty said...

Susan: I love it. Great idea! I usually just hang up, but sometimes I'll play the game for a while, just for fun.

Anonymous said...

I hate these phone calls. Getting them always make me think I'll never send any money every again to any cause because I just end up on money-call lists.

Lately I've just immediately asked them to take me off their call list and and then, Good-bye. I don't know if they do take me off the list but I feel better having it said and done.

Annie in Little Rock

Peggy said...

You can use these calls to start practicing your use of the f-word! I'll bet you'll stop stuttering it and start swearing like a champ in no time!

her indoors said...

just say 'glad you rang how much would you donate to .........'!!

Newt said...

The hubster sometimes turns it around and asks them for money. Saying he's been a loyal supporter for many years but at the moment he's a little down on his luck due to acts of government, so if they wouldn't mind actually donating to him for a change...........Either that or we hang up. Or give the phone to the cat/dog and let them listen to their schpeal.

Sister--Three said...

Betty, next time, I may try asking
them for a little money. Obama has collected a lot of money a few dollars at a time.

Money, money, it is all about money. And we have less and less of it. Soon we will not be able to afford corn meal as the corn will have to be turned to gas. Our flour will come from China, oh, dear.

Arkansas Songbird said...

I listened to a report on NPR about how the huge amount of funds just aren't necessary for political campaigns. Several different people were interviewed and they all agreed that political fund raising has simply turned into people trying to out-do each other in raising gargantuan amounts of cash. I've decided to not to make any political contributions for this next election. I'm going to send what I would normally contribute to Habitat for Humanity and Heifer Project International.

gawilli said...

I'm so frustrated with them all right now I wouldn't give any of them a red cent. Silly me, I thought after the last election things would move a little more quickly, but no. We are burying two more soldiers next week in our neck of the woods. It's a darn shame. Nope. No money from me either.

Marty: said...

I always use a variation of the Seinfeld line, "I'm busy right now. Can I get your number and call you back? Oh, you don't like to get calls at home...?"

Joy said...

I hate these calls...they're relentless. I use to try to donate to many causes...political and otherwise; but they've gotten so out of hand...and they keep coming back every after call. I've just started saying no to all of them; but it doesn't seem to stop them from calling every couple of months...I swear. They try the "guilt trip" approach all the time. I finally got so fed after one call and said, "What part of NO THANK YOU don't you understand?"

Princess Banter said...

There really should be a Telemarketer University where people can a class called How To Get A Clue 101 -- and maybe even get an elective on it for real life purposes :) Though I appreciate how difficult the jobs are of telemarketers, I sometimes get the urge of throwing the phone against the room hoping it would sometimes hurt them on the other end (god forgive me :P )

Alan G said...

Ooops...thought I was at the wrong place for just a moment there!

Like your new blog presentation and banner. Obviously that is your little angel huh?

And....for me an unlisted phone number foils many a telemarketer's plans.

Kell said...

I'm with Peggy. Maybe they'll be so shocked by your language that they'll just hang up.

Peggy said...

Love the new look!

Betty said...

All: Your suggestions were great. I'll adopt all of them.

Peggy and Alan: Thanks.

Alan: My little angel really is one. She belonged to my daughter, and died several months ago.

Welcome Princess Banter and Marty.

Erica AP said...

You were probably one of the nice ones he called... I'm sure of it. My friends always ask me why I'm so nice to telemarketers and I answer the "How are you?" question too. :)