Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Don't Remember

Alberto Gonzales answered seventy-two questions with some variation of "I don't remember" today in his hearing. He declared that "mistakes were made" or "I misspoke" a few times, and then decided he'd better claim that he "takes full responsibility" for the firing of eight federal prosecutors. On the heels of that statement, he assured the committee that he was actually not "that closely involved in some of the firings".

Next, we'll see President Bush appearing in public with Gonzales,clapping him on the shoulder and saying, "Gonzo, you're doing a heckuva job."

Then, if the planets line up in the right positions, he'll fire the incompetent sonofabitch.

If I said 'I don't remember" in answer to even half that many questions in any given day, Kell and Jay would have me packed up and checked in to Shady Pines Rest Home by the weekend.


Re: The tapes of the Virginia Tech killer.

I don't see what good it did for NBC to air that pathetic, whining, self-serving tape of that poor, crazed young man, exept in the pursuit of ratings. And, the fact that they wanted to crow about their big scoop.

It must have added to the pain of the parents of the victims, not to mention the students who lost friends and professors in the massacre.


On a lighter note, Sanjaya was voted off American Idol at last.

So long, Sanjaya,
It's time for you to go.
We'll never cry-a,
Your exit improves the show.

Bye-Bye Sanjaya,
Ta-Ta and Adieu,
Ciao, Adios Amigo,
We're not going to miss you.

I could go on, but why prolong your agony? It has been a thoroughly disgusting show this year, and I hope they do something about the voting next year, or cancel it.



Cazzie!!! said...

I wish there was an Idol Band type show, there is such great talent out there waiting to be showcased and I am sure I hear the best bands out in the city malls playing and just enjpying their time out there. They sell their CD's for 20 bux a pop and you know, people enjoy seeing them.

Sister--Three said...

Betty, I know you don't blame the teachers...we blame ourselves. Even if you do all you think you ponder...what if.

I want to say again I love the stuff at the top of your blog. It fits me very well..your other self.

Jay said...

Love the Sunjaya poem. I'm glad he's gone from the show. But, if you think we've seen the last of him you haven't been paying attention. He'll probably get his own hour long network special.

Kell said...

I just read the newspaper article about Gonzales's testimony. Then I had to do something to get the bad taste out of my mouth. It's just another example of how this administration operates--deny, ignore, apologize, still don't take blame, admit maybe something there, say "I don't remember." And yes, Bush did say he still supports Gonzales and that he is doing a good job.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I am SOOOO on the same page as you Betty. Sanjaya, Virginia Tech killer, and Alberto Gonzales....yes, yes, yes.

Shady Pines Rest kill me Betty.

James Burnett said...

Amen, on Gonzales.

As for the Va. Tech killer, I have mixed feelings about the tape. Being a newsman myself, my instinct says a portion of the tape needed to be shown the first night NBC got it. After that, there was no purpose in repeating it other than to be salacious. I like the way ABC put it, something to the effect of: the first time showing it was fine, after that it just became pornography.

And all I hae to say about Sanjaya, or Sangria, as I've taken to calling him (because I need to be buzzed to hear his singing), is ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Good riddance!

patsy said...

the va. killer was crazy and there is no need to put him on national tv.

susan said...

I don't think cho deserves any sort of recognition. He sent the tape himself for pete's sake! I'd hate to see it over and over if I were a family member

Betty said...

Cazzie: I'd kind of like to see a band show, too.

Sister3: Thank you. I had a feeling you'd like it. lol

Jay: Oh, Lord, let's not have to look at him on his own show!

Kell: Bush hasn't paid a bit of attention to the hearing. He's just not going to believe he made a mistake, once again, in his decision to appoint Gonzales.

Betty said...

Joy: Shady Pines is where my kids threaten to send me when I'm old and decrepit. I was kind of planning to be a burden on them in my old age. lol

James: Welcome. I enjoy your blog. Sangria! That's good.

Patsy: At least they've stopped running it, now.

Alan G said...

Well....since you have once again responded so eloquently on this weeks news, I find myself once again with a lot of spare time to focus on other things.

Thanks....maybe I will go fishing.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Those tapes being aired is the reason I have kept my television off since the day of the shooting.

Pardon my French, but fuck that guy. If that's who he was then it's a good thing he's gone. It's just too bad he had to take so many with him.

Annie said...

Perhaps we shall see Gonzales carted off to his own "retirement home" this coming week. I doubt if even the tepid support of the Pres can keep him active.

Arkansas Songbird said...

Since I gave up TV six years ago, I rely on NPR for my news. I was disappointed that they played some audio of Cho. I also was stunned at the reports on Gonzales' hearing. He certainly doesn't need to retain his position with such a bad memory. I also heard a tiny little clip of Sanjaya's "goodbye" song on NPR. Of course, I've seen pictures of him here and there. I watched one episode of American Idol at a friend's house last year and that was enough for me. I have students who sing better than anyone I heard on the show that night.

Newt said...

Love the poem. Given all the press and viewers they get over having a repulsive moron on the show I can only specualate that next year there will be two of them. He's the first person since JarJar Binks graced the sacred Star Wars silver screen to get this many panties in a bind.

her indoors said...

I read this earlier or did I, I don't remember, oh yes I did! we will make sure you never say I don't remember we don't want Jay and Kell sweeping our Betty off to Shady Pines!