Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Slope Slickens

Have you noticed that President Bush can’t seem to get a break these days? Things started going downhill faster for him when the Democrats took back the House of Representatives and the Senate.

First, he and Vice President Cheney had to make nice with Ms. Nancy, and get her an airplane big enough to get from Washington D.C. to San Francisco, California without making a pit stop. The Republican pundits tried to make a big ugly deal out of this, as if this uppity woman was making unreasonable demands, which they fully expected all along. Turns out, until Dennis Hastert asked for his very own plane, one had never been made available to the Speaker of the House before. The idea was that an important, busy man such as himself shouldn’t have to wait for a ride home. Then, the precedent was set, so Ms. Nancy gets the benefit of it, too. Curses! Foiled again!


Then, some busybody started nosing around Walter Reed Hospital, and discovered that our veterans were recuperating in rooms with moldy walls, and their entertainment, while their various limbs are in traction, or while waiting for new ones, was watching mice cavort around the rooms. Eeeeuuuwww.

But, before the problem could be swept under the rug, here came all these allegations about the four hundred other veterans’ hospitals around the country. What a can of worms this is going to be!


Now, Attorney General Gonzalez assures us that “mistakes were made” in the firing of so many Federal Prosecutors in so many Democratic states. No kidding. As in everything this administration does, the “mistake” was in getting caught with their tighty whities down. And, Harriet Miers has been mentioned, once again, as one of the people who suggested firing ALL federal prosecutors. Strangely enough, if they had fired all of them, probably no one would have noticed anything underhanded. No one would have found out about the attempts to coerce the judges to bring indictments against Democratic candidates.

It isn’t unusual, apparently, for all federal prosecutors to be asked to hand in their resignations, so the new sheriff in town can appoint new ones or not, as he wishes. This bunch can’t seem to do anything right.


The South American trip wasn’t a happy time for Pres. Bush, either, what with Hugo Chavez shooting off his mouth, and those ungrateful Mayans holding a purification rite after Pres. Bush left the area.

I hope the purification rite was all that was needed. I have an awful feeling that in this country, nothing less than an exorcism would do the trick.


Pres. Bush should have felt right at home in Mexico, shouldn’t he? But, doggone it! He forgot how to speak Spanish! Actually, his memory came and went with his surroundings. When the cameras were rolling, he forgot, and in private, he rattled it off like a native, apparently. As Ann Richards would have said, “Poor George!”


The next two years should be a real windfall for political cartoonists and standup and late-night comedians.

I’ll bring the popcorn.


Sister--Three said...

I wonder if these guys firing judges, took civics in high school. Remember the part about checks and balances, three branches of government. Bush thinks he is the check and that balances it.

Well, we have been in Iraq longer than WWII. No end in sight.

Enjoyed your banter!

Dogwalkmusings said...

My gosh, Betty, you're morphing into me!

Anonymous said...

I couoldn't have said it better myself. You have this group nailed. I think a lot of people who've supported things in the past are feeling less and less supportive too. Whew. It's about time.

I'll bring the coke to go with your popcorn. Annie in Little Rock

Newt said...

Oh Betty, he's blog fodder, comedian fodder, watercooler fodder. Too bad he has to take us all down into the fodder with him. As a country I mean. This is going to be a LONG two years. The sad part is even if we impeach him, the shit just rolls uphill and we get just as bad in his place.

patsy said...

all jokes aside i think bush and chaney may be procuted for war crimes some day.

John said...

If Patsy is right, I hope Bush's 'little puppy dog' Blair is standing alongside them in the dock.

gawilli said...

Just when I think it can't get any worse, it does. Save some popcorn for me.

Maya's Granny said...

The reason it keeps getting worse than we think it could is that our minds just don't go to those places. When the next awful thing comes out, it never surprises me that they did it, only that often I hadn't known that could be done! Fire a US attorney for not indicting a democrat even though he is innocent? Indict a democrat right before the election to influence it? We are certainly seeing just how low people can go, aren't we?