Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Iraq And A Hard Place, etc.

The other day, a friend asked me how I felt about the hanging of Saddam Hussein. I haven't blogged about Iraq because I tend to foam at the mouth and get incoherent when I think about it. I am disgusted with the war in Iraq and I was even more disgusted with the trial and hanging that were orchestrated by the Bush Administration. Yes, Saddam Hussein was a terrible person. He committed atrocities in his country. But, there are lots of leaders of lots of countries who are just as bad, if not worse. Why make him a martyr? Why not sentence him to spend the rest of his life in one of his filthy prisons? Why not let his own people decide what to do with him instead of some farce of a trial court? Democracy - what a concept.


The State of the Union message was aired tonight. I watched portions of it, and I didn't hear anything new.

I may be biased (Surprise!) but I think Senator Jim Webb gave a fine rebuttal speech. In about nine minutes, he covered more ground than President Bush did in 50 minutes. If you didn't hear it, you missed hearing a politician who didn't pull any punches or resort to name-calling or smarmy remarks. And I defy the Washington media to find anything to make fun of in that speech or his demeanor.


And, let's hear it for another potential Presidential Candidate:
Sung to the tune of “Poor Judd Is Dead” from “Oklahoma!”

Poor John McCain, has politics on the brain,
Got snookered into joining the wrong side. (Wrong side)
Fast became a ham, exploited his time in VietNam,
And now, he needs a new issue to ride. (Ride)

Poor John McCain, can’t come in from the rain,
He doesn’t have an idea that will work. (That will work)
“Send more troops into Iraq, and we’ll get our soldiers back”
Bush pre-empted him and left him in the dark. (In the dark)

Poor John, Pooooooooor John.


And, on another subject, if you didn't read Maya's Granny at (Mayagranny.blogspot.com) Monday, the 22nd, "Blog For Choice Day", please do. She really gets to the heart of the matter.


Update on our Rev/Gov's departure. He not only took all the furniture in his office, he also gutted the Governor's Emergency Fund, in order to have all the hard drives in all the computers destroyed. Such a good, Christian man. Running for President. Remember the name and vote against him - Huckabee.


Did anyone watch "American Idol" this week? Simon didn't seem as mean as he has for the past two weeks. Wonder if all the negative press has made him ratchet it back a bit. What I want to know, though, is why in the world those two boys who bore the brunt of Simon's insults were asked to appear on the Today Show. Anyone have any ideas about that?


Can you tell I had a hard time coming up with something to say tonight? Sometimes, I just draw a blank. I'll try to do better next time. And, I'll ask Jay, AGAIN, how to link to another blog.

Rant over.


Sister--Three said...

Betty, love the "between Iraq and a hard place".

To Vietnam Bush would't go
So now he wants to show
that he can make his war
orchastrate the guts and gore.

Jay said...

In a profession full of fakes and frauds, John McCain is the biggest fraud of them all.

Mari Meehan said...

Seems everytime you think you have little to say, you actually say tons and all of it right on!

Anonymous said...

I share your disgust with Bush and his war agenda; 27 American casualties last weekend alone, and for what?

SongBird said...

For what is the key question. Try as I might, I can't grasp what the US is doing in Iraq. We have American soldiers being killed every day and at the same time we have American soldiers being court martialed for killing people in Iraq. The more I read and hear, the more confused I become.

All the stuff about Huckabee is unbelieveable!!!

As far as American Idol goes...I gave up watching TV six years ago. I don't have satellite, cable or even an antenna!! A friend did invite me over to watch an AI episode last year and I realized I wasn't missing much!

katy said...

for someone who had a hard time coming up for something to say you did just fine!

Newt said...

I'm always in awe of your posts when you have nothing to say.....

Annie said...

I saw John Burns (the NY Times journalist who's been in Iraq for 4 years) on Charlie Rose last night and he gave me lots to think about regarding the importance of finding a way toward peace in Iraq. According to his take on the situation, if we leave or fail in our quest, there will be death and destruction on a massive scale throughout the middle east. Israel will fall, etc.

Abuot Huckabee, forget him is what I say. Has been. At least, I sure hope so.

mouse said...

I really enjoyed reading some of your blog, very interesting and I agree with everything you said especially about Iraq but then again I have never been a Bush supporter and think the man lost a few marbles in his drinking years. I will be back to read more.