Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Weekend, So Soon?

For the last week, the weatherman has been whipping everyone into a frenzy about the coming snow. To hear him tell it, we were going to have a blizzard, starting with a foot of ice, then another foot of snow on top of it. The storm of the century! The big one! Power outages! Food shortages! Runs on the banks! Armageddon! Be afraid! Be very afraid! We are simply going to HAVE to hire some Democrats to do the weather reports.

We might have an inch of snow on the ground today, and the sun has already cleared the parking lot and most of the sidewalks. And, for this I had to mingle with the hordes at the grocery store, all snatching and grabbing, jostling and pushing, stocking their larders for the long, hard winter ahead. Usually, I can avoid these crowds with just a little pre-planning but, I was out of town all last week and the cupboard was bare. So, I braved the masses, chanted my mantra, and plunged in. And, I wasn’t even at Wal-Mart. I sent Jay there. Heheh


This week, I amused myself, briefly, by watching President Bush get snubbed by the current Iraqi leader. It wasn’t the snub that amused me. Whoever the president happens to be, I would hate to see him treated with disrespect by the leader of another country. What I found amusing was the lengths to which the media went in trying to put a happy face on the whole thing.


Yes, yes, once again I have bowed to progress and switched to Beta. I must admit, I kinda like it. I had to redo my links, though, because they didn’t transfer. Wonder why some people’s do and some don’t. All in all, though, I’m finding it pretty easy to use.


I have also upgraded my Internet Explorer. Now, that is going to take a little more getting used to. It seems that just when I get comfortable with one version of something, a new version comes out, and there they are, every time I turn on the computer, urging me to switch. Jay is my tutor, for as long as he can stand it. I tend to hit buttons willy-nilly, jumping in and out of sites, mostly out, and drive him to distraction. Eventually, though, either I catch on or he throws up his hands in despair and goes and watches a ball game until he calms down.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!


Annie said...

You bring back memories of all the grocery store runs I've made when snow has been forecast, all the frenzy and excitement in the air over this strange phenomenon called SNOW here in the south.

As you likely know I love to read Arkansaw blogs full of the voices of Arkansawyers. Another blog I read, from Van Buren, posted about school being cancelled due to snow and he showed the snow accumulation here.

katy said...

i went over to beta and it transfered my links with it! must have been the way i smiled at the pc eh? hope your food cupboard is well stocked up now, have a good weekend

Kell said...

Well, I guess I should move over to beta, too, huh? I'm so lazy, though. Maybe next week when Al leaves on his trip.

Anonymous said...

We got walloped with about 8 inches of snow yesterday. I have a not pay much attention to it all until I actually see it. YIKES! I see it. It's supposed to drop drastically in temperature overnite...not my favorite thing to hear...especially after all the snow. I hope the skies will be good to you Betty...otherwise, get out the snow shovel.

You are much braver than I am....switching to another system. Beta doesn't sound too intimidating. You're lucky to have Jay around...even though you may drive him's part of the deal.

Newt said...

Up nort here it's just a titch windy and there is snow falling but it's the very dry very tiny, can barely see it, sort of snow. Blows around, doesnt' really accumulate. The blog looks great! There are some pretty cool features to the beta version.

Anonymous said...

I certainly like the new look! And what a pain having to re-do your links. You've got so many! Hope you copied them somewhere else just in case and were able to paste them back? Does beta work like that?

Anyway, glad to hear the snow isn't too treacherous for now. We had over a foot last week and it's still nasty outside on sidewalks and what not. Hopefully it'll rain tomorrow and clean some of it up.

Annie said...

What a wonderful place for a wedding, Betty, that First United Methodist Church. I'll always think of you now when I see the place.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love those weather men. In the UK last weekend the area where I live was threatened with tornados (hardly ever heard of in Britain) and hurricane force winds. It never happened.