Saturday, November 11, 2006

Out Of My Zone

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My oldest, dearest friend has much more eclectic tastes in literature than I have had in the past few years. But, then, as my son so generously pointed out to me when he was about nine years old, she's smarter than I am. For instance, she would probably have put a period after the I in the previous sentence.

We usually sack up the books we've read and exchange them at various points throughout the year. Therefore, I recently came home with several plastic bags full of books. She cleaned out her library, and I became the happy beneficiary of a bunch of books that took me out of my usual reading zone.

At the same time, she pulled a dirty trick on me, for which I will have to devise some sort of payback. She violated my trust by talking me into reading a -gasp- romance. She knows I'll read almost anything if I'm asked for my opinion about it, so she claimed to want my "take" on the premise of this book which shall go nameless. Unfortunately, the premise didn't become clear until page 222, by which time I thought my head would explode. I imagine she is still laughing.

Included in this huge pile of books were a couple of best sellers, for instance, "Memior of a Geisha", which I found pretty interesting. If you have ever had any curiosity about how Geishas become Geishas, you'll find out here. You'll also thank your lucky stars and shout "God Bless America", knowing that this kind of torture can't happen here - Abu Graib notwithstanding.

Mostly, though she gave me her entire collections of Stuart Woods and Elizabeth Peters mysteries. Now, that's more like it! I started out determined to read all the Stuart Woods books and then I'll move on to Elizabeth Peters.

The main character in one of his two series' is the very randy Stone Barrington, an ex-cop (aren't they all?) turned lawyer. He is good looking (randy), tough (cop) and smart (lawyer). I am not reading the books in any particular order, but I have picked up a kind of sub-plot that threads its way through the books, and that is his continuing on-again, off-again relationship with the apparent love of his life, named Arrington. Of course, we know they'll never marry however much she might adore him most of the time, because then her name would be Arrington Barrington, and that would be enough to stop me cold, how about you?

Anyway, while he is dodging the bad guys, solving mysteries and pining for Arrington, he is also being led around by "Mr. Happy", which leads him to the most gorgeous women ever created. He always makes time for the occasional romp in the hay.

I'll say one thing for Mr. Barrington, he is always monogamous, at least for the duration of the story, and falls in love and is true to her, in his fashion. Speaking of fashion, he is also a bit of a clothes horse. There is always a description or two of his current wardrobe, purchased at only top of the line stores.

All in all, each book is a good read, although you wouldn't think it from my description. I am really enjoying them. They have just enough humor to keep him from being a creep, and the women, while bordering on nymphomania, are all intelligent, worthy women (snrk).

Next time, I'll take on Elizabether Peters' books. I have a feeling hers will be more my style.


Annie said...

Betty, when I want a fast and fun read that doesn't demand too much of me, I pick up a mystery. And that's what I wanted when I went to the library this week. I checked out Camille Minichino's The Hydrogen Murder. It appealed to me because I thought I might actually learn some physics in a palatable way since the protagonist is a middle-aged female physicist. It's fun and I'm pleased to know that she has the entire chemical table to go through as she writes her books. Apparently she's written quite a few already. Have you ready any of these works?

Yes, Asa? (seems it's only right to replace that exclamation point) did seem to be a big betrayer at the time. I know a lot of people say that he's basically a nice, good man but I was always skeptical since it seemed to me he always played the religion card. I just don't like it when politicians mix religion into their politics.

Betty said...

Annie, I haven't read any of hers, but I will try them. Thanks

patsy said...

geisha book i read, found it to be a prett good read. thanks for the tips on the authors. i will read them if libiary has any of the books. i can't read romances either.

patsy said...

i went to libairy and remembered wood's name. i got 3 of his books looks like am going to like them. i couldn't rememer the woman's name but will write it down next time i go . thanks.i am going to bed and read s. wood's book"dirty work."

Ch3ll3 said...

Ah yes, Stone Barrington. It wasn't until I'd read your decription that I realized I've read a book or two with him in it. Very silly but entertaining nonetheless. :)

Annie said...

Hi again Betty, I finished Camille Minichino's The Hydrogen Murder and it was both entertaining and educational (just a little bit of physics education - didn't hurt me a bit). I think I'll go back to the library and get another.

Now that's a recommendation, isn't it.

Newt said...

Awww, come on, what was the romance??????

I was in Target the other night and was trying to pick between Memoirs of a Geisha and Devil Wears Prada. But I walked out empty handed. I just can't decide if I want to read either.