Thursday, November 09, 2006

Criticizing Democrats

I can criticize the Democrats, 'cause I am one. I candidly admit that we may have one or two tiny faults.

In the "comments" section of my celebratory blog yesterday, Newt and Gawilli expressed their hope that the Democrats can "keep their shit together" for 2008. I have to tell you that if the next election depends in any way on the Boone County Democrats, the losses will be stunning.

It started out being funny, but as the weeks went on, it became sad, and then I got thoroughly pissed. Not one single Democrat carried our county. Not one. Anywhere. And, it's our own fault, folks. We just can't seem to get it together, and stop bickering and vying for position to think about the welfare of the candidates.

Never have I seen so many Alpha Females in one place in my life. And, every last one of them thinks she knows how to run everything. The men don't seem that bad. Maybe they can only cower and say, "Yes, dear".

It will undoubtedly take until the next election for everyone to kiss and make up. Small town, small people, small minds, I guess. I don't want to see any of those people for the next two years.

And, people ask me why I'm not a "joiner".


Annie said...


Newt said...

I'm also worried that they will see this huge victory as a sign that it will be easy as pie to take the white house in 2008. But what they do with what they have now is going to decide 2008, there is no gimme here. Some of those elections were very very very close. Proof of how easily they can loose a "sure thing" came in 2004. I just hope they remember that aweful wake up call. I'm guilty, hell, I didn't think we could loose in 2004. I thought "What complete and total moron would vote for Bush?" how wrong I was........

patsy said...

i remember when carroll and boone co. was solid democrate. we had one republican voter in carroll co. for years and everybody thyed to find who he was. i think they had a bounty on that all these out landers have moved in on us we are a

gawilli said...

The thing that absolutely amazes me is the number of people who still support Bush. What in the world are they thinking? Maybe we need to send those Alpha Females over to the "dark side" to "take care of" the Republican camp.