Sunday, October 01, 2006

Not A Lot To Say

So, Anna Nicole Smith and her lawyer exchanged vows. They didn't exactly get married, nothing legal, anyway. Wonder who's idea that was? Maybe they just jumped over a broom handle and shouted, "Now, we is hitched!"


I watched the interview with Bob Woodward on "60 Minutes" tonight. Ever since his latest book came out, I have been wondering what could have happened to cause him to do a complete 180. Could it be the reappearance of Henry Kissinger? Who knew he had been working behind the scenes with the White House?

Since President Bush took office, Woodward has completely bought into the fiction put forth by this administration, even writing two other books supporting everything that was being done in Iraq.

Woodward finally sees, I hope, that this administration is fighting the Vietnam war all over again. Someone has called him a "born again journalist", and I think that pretty much says it all.

Better late than never.


Cong. Mark Foley got caught sending sexually explicit e-mails to male interns, and the Republican leadership has known about it for at least eleven months. It's fun watching Hastert and Boehner scramble around, claiming that the e-mails were "over friendly". Ya guess??

Now, Foley is hiding in "rehab for alcoholism". Why? Because there is no known rehab for sexual misconduct.


Paris Hilton has announced that she intends to be celibate for a year. Let's all follow her example. It'll be easier for some of us than others.


Watching CNN this morning, I see that police have locked down two schools and an entire neighborhood because a former student at one of the schools was seen on campus with a firearm.

Well, the obvious answer to all of these school shootings is to issue each student an uzi along with their class schedules and lunch passes, so they can protect themselves. Right, NRA?


What is going on? Yet another school shooting, and hostage situation, this time at a one-room Amish school house in Pennsylvania. At this point, it is just breaking news, so the only thing known is that there have been casualties, and three people have been taken to the hospital.

It is thought that the gunman killed himself, which was right considerate of him, since we won't have to spend all that money trying and executing him.


Jay said...

I'm starting to think that the last time a school in this country has been completely safe was in 1957/58 school year when Little Rock Central High was surrounded by the 101st Airborne.

Republicans have always been able to separate Democratic immorality and Republican immorality. You'll notice this in 2008 when they all line up to vote for an adulterer named Rudi Giuliani.

saz said...

Glad Woodward saw the light but too late for me....he seems to pump out his books lately according to the mood of the country - now he sees how massively unpopular the war is and suddenly he has a change of heart...if he had done his job right a few years back maybe I would think better of him now.

Ginnie said...

I'm disgusted with so much that goes on in our country. Sex and greed seem to rule everything. I wonder where it will ultimately take us? Pretty scarey.

Kell said...

Is "over friendly" like a "little bit pregnant"?

Joy Des Jardins said...

Anna we needed another weird thing to happen in her already obscene life. I think Howard has had the hots for her for years, and is along for the ride. I guess that's one way to garner fame and fortune.

Bob Woodward....should have just stuck with Deep Throat and called it a day.

Mark said it all there Betty.

Paris Hilton...Yea! Less chance of procreating and producing some of the same nonsense. Forgive me for that; but it's downright scary to even think about it.

School shootings...depressing...
plain and simple. I can't even comment really. Is this some kind of horrible fad?

Annie said...

Aach, Jay! Central High was not safe for the 9 students who integrated it. They were traumatized and threatened and intimidated and harrassed. But I get your point that schools are unsafe for children and teachers.

Betty, you gave a good round-up of the news and entertainment today. I enjoyed reading your post.

gawilli said...

Oh Betty! You're on a roll today! NRA - an uzi with class schedules! It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. My daughter just asked me if we were going to install metal detectors in our schools. She brought up an interesting point, that the school shootings do not seem to happen in urban areas, but smaller towns with little school corporations.

Betty said...

Saz: If you read this, your blog looks great, but doesn't want to load correctly. Don't know what's wrong, but it's kind of herky-jerky, and then goes blank. Is anyone else having trouble with it?

Annie: The Little Rock Nine were definitely harassed and some people made rude remarks, but they weren't in any physical danger as long as they were inside the school. Things stayed pretty quiet in the building.

patsy said...

woodward has me puzzled. his 2 books praised bush and now he has sunk his boat. as for the sex mess, most of our leaders eather sell out for money, power or sex. why anyone would let their child go there and work is beyond my thinking. most of our leaders are scum. as for school shoting, we are living in a sick nation and i don't hold out much hope for us. i think we will see a land slide of democrates coming in and that will be a good thing because they will just set and fight for 2 years and we will be better off. if they do nothing it will be better for all of us.being celibrate is easy for homely people like my self. God did me a great favor by making me homely if i had been beatiful i would have been a greater sinner.

patsy said...

as for kissinger helping bush, he may help him resign remember nixon and kissy?

Anonymous said...

I say, welcome back to the fold Bob. Funny that his return from the dark side happened when President Bush became a lame duck president. The Spectre of Death, er I mean Henry Kissinger's presense doesn't help old GWB's position much at all.

I wonder if we can force sterilization on Miss Hilton. Her kind will not help the over all gene pool.

Those poor babies that were shot - it's too horrific!

Thanks for being our gazetteer Betty.

Tink said...

Paris Hilton is going to be celibate... It's a little early for April Fools isn't it?

Annie said...

Picking back up on the Little Rock Nine and safety inside Central High, I guess it's how one defines safety. Harassment, fear, insecurity, threats of harm, being sprayed with acid in the eyes (Melba Patillo Beals), these are the things I was thinking about that have been documented as having happened in Central High. Yes, the NINE got out of school alive but most experienced long lasting trauma as a result of the experience.

Betty said...

Annie, I don't remember Melba being sprayed with acid inside the school. And, we all suffered from a certain amount of trauma from that horrible year. I would never have been as brave as they were, I remember how quiet and shy Ernest was, and he showed a lot of dignity. I also know how hard the majority of us, and the administration, worked to help keep them safe.

Annie said...

Ah, Betty, I see your perspective now.

I watched Melba Patillo Beals on a C-Span Book Notes when she was interviewed by Brian Lamb. She spoke of how "her" soldier body guard saved her eyesight by flushing her eyes for what seemed like hours. When she went to the doctor he told her that had he not flushed her eyes so well she would likely have been blind.

eric said...

i can't really see why he would change, either. i guess it's too much of a stretch to say he set them up for the sucker punch.