Monday, September 18, 2006

Rants, and More Rants

Here it is, the middle of September. Time to start thinking about Christmas presents. It is also time for my old car to breakdown and cost me an arm and a leg to get it fixed. This year, it's the brakes. They have been squealing, so I guess I'll have to enrich my mechanic once again. He always has a great Christmas, thanks to me.

With my car troubles in mind, is it any wonder that I have been kind of cranky? So, I have decided to rant a bit. Here goes.

1.The very idea! No more layaway at Wal-Mart! Good move, just before Christmas. Seems that everything Wal-Mart does these days just confirms my bad opinion of the chain. This goes hand in hand with their latest decision to sell upscale goods. Now, really. Do wealthy people actually want to save a few pennies enough to endure rubbing elbows with the "Little People"? Can you imagine Mrs. Ceo dashing into Wal-Mart to buy, oh say, a big flat-screen tv, and having to wait in line behind Mr. Damn, Mrs. Damn and the whole Damn family, who are purchasing their monthly groceries? Not gonna happen, folks.

2. Debrah Lafave, the teacher who had sex with her 14 year-old student says it's not her fault. She was raped when she was a girl. She's bi-polar, poor baby. She's certainly getting her 15 minutes of fame on the news shows. She didn't even get jail time. Why do we give people like this air time? A crusty old lawyer of my acquaintance used to call people like her the "maggots of society." I certainly hope she had to register as a sex offender, at least.

3.The new tv season is startig, and already the networks have conspired to confuse me. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette TV Guide magazine has left NBC off the listings entirely this week. What'll it be next week? CNN? It sure won't be any of the ESPNs.

4. Sen. Bob Ney has refused to resign his seat, in spite of the fact that he pled guilty to the corruption charges against him. Even his buddy, Tom Delay resigned when he got into deep water. But, not Bob Ney. Uh-Uh. He's pouting. He shouldn't HAVE to resign. It's not fair. Waaaaaaaaaaah. Go away, Ney.

5.Bill Mahr was supposed to appear in CBS's New Evening News, with Katie Couric, as a part of their "free speech" segment. So far, it hasn't happened. In fact, it has been all Republicans, all the time on that show. Mahr was presented with a list of "approved topics", and told that he couldn't discuss religion. Maybe they can change the name of the segment to "The Not-So-Free Speech" segment, or the "It's Only Free Speech If You Say What We Want You To" segment.

6. Tom Selleck may replace Charlton Heston as NRA President. This will presumably happen when they pry the gun out of the "cold, dead hand" of Heston, who is suffering from Alzheimers. That should be a step up from "Magnum, P.I." Not that it has anything to do with anything, but did you ever notice that Magnum had a tendency to wear long-sleeved shirts with those teensy-weensy short shorts?

7. This probably won't be of interest to anyone outside of Arkansas, so if you want to stop reading now, feel free. A reporter was interviewing the wives of two of the candidates for Governor, Mrs. Mike Beebe (D), and Mrs. Asa Hutchinson (R). If you ever wonder about the difference between the wives of Democratic candidates and the wives of the Republicans, this should clear it up for you.

Mrs. Beebe said: "I enjoy campaigning and the opportunity to help spread Mike's message for affordable health care and a quality education."

Mrs. Hutchinson said: "I like being the wind beneath his wings."

Rant over. I feel better, now.


gawilli said...

"I like being the wind beneath his wings." Sheesh - I'm gagging. Blech.

Well I feel much better now. Thanks.

Jay said...

The perfect Republican wife. Just a little woman who doesn't worry her pretty little head with all those nasty issues. She's just standing by her man.

willi said...

At least there is a candidate and candidate's wife that is championing one my causes -affordable health care. It's a shame that the states have to take up this issue because of the inactivity of the feds. But, there is H.R.676 see

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of Wally World selling upscale products.

Kell said...

Yeah, but who makes the best chocolate chip cookies?

I just have problems with Tom Selleck. I know Rosie jumped on him about the whole gun issue thing, but she said the day before on the show that she was going to do it and he should be prepared. Then he played the victim because he didn't know that was going to happen and everyone jumped all over Rosie as an evil person for attacking poor Tom. Please. Not that I don't think Rosie lost it for a while (a long while) but that whole thing was really irritating. Besides, I don't really have a lot of respect for someone who supports an issue like the NRA when they pay him to make commercials, but he won't talk about it and be supportive any where else?

Wal-Mart. Ick.

Peggy said...

Just goes to show you how out of touch I am. I didn't know Wal-Mart even had lay a way.

I'm not a fan of hand guns and I think the NRA have a lot of explaining to do when I start talking about hand gun crime, but hey if Magnum P.I. is promoting guns . . . . :-/

No comment on the fluff head remark from Mrs Hutchinson.

Newt said...

Mrs. Hutchinson, ahh, dear, dear, Mrs. Hutchinson. I bet she was an A+ student at finishing school. I wonder if she still does the white glove thing? And I bet her daddy bought her a horse when she was 10. And her first Rolls when she graduated from private high school.

Anonymous said...

Ladydtd said..well I am glad you are feeling better after that rant, we all need a good blow out once in a while lol.

Anonymous said...

Ladydtd said..well I am glad you are feeling better after that rant, we all need a good blow out once in a while lol.

saz said...

Was Mz Hutchinson's maiden name Stepford?