Thursday, August 17, 2006

Friday, 8/18 Rant

So, someone has been arrested in Thailand in the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey. It remains to be seen, of course, whether the man who has been arrested for the killing actually did it, or was just trying to get sent back to the U.S. to do some time in more "comfortable" circumstances. Thai prisons are not known for their humanitarian practices. I have tuned in to CNN two or three times today to watch the steady unravelling of the coverage of this case. First, they were jubilant - finally, after 10 years,an arrest. Then, the backpeddling started. The prosecutor started cautioning the media not to jump to conclusions. Then, the guy's ex-wife said he couldn't have done it, because he was with her all Christmas week that year. Then, we discover that he has been studying these types of cases. Can anyone say, "Wacko?"


And, a Federal Judge has ruled that the government's wiretapping is unconstitutional, and ordered it stopped. Curses! Now the administration is going to have to find another Federal Judge who will rule that it is perfectly all right, then, when they run out of Federal Judges, they'll take it to the hand-picked United States Supreme Court, where they will expect to be vindicated. Waiting with baited breath.


Mel, Mel, Mel. Just couldn't wait for a trial in his drunk driving case. He pled guilty and received a judgment of probation (hold out your hands, Mel), 12 months of treatment (spat, spat) and a fine of an amount he probably carries around in his pocket. Guess he didn't want to take a chance of that video being shown again. You know, the one where he spouts anti-semitic garbage, and addresses a police woman as "sugar tits". The media has sure been easier on him than they were Nick Nolte. They're still showing Nolte's arrest photo and chuckling over it. Media slime.


A wild hybrid mutant animal was hit by a car in Maine. Experts have declined to do any testing to find out what it actually is, and state that it is a wild dog. I don't know............I have questions. For instance, don't you think people in that area would like to know for sure what that animal is? Does it have a wife and a litter of little hybrid mutants running around? Is it possible that some little girls' dog, Fluffy, could be pregnant with the next litter? Could someone in the area be breeding the things? For what purpose? To enter the next "Ugly Dog Contest?" Inquiring minds want to know.

Rant over.


saz said...

I'm with you on the Ramsey suspect. I rushed to judgement the first time - this time I'm waiting. Guy seems too willing to spill info.

Alan G said...

Well, except for the wild mutant animal which I was unaware of, you have pretty much covered it. Maybe the infamous "sasquatch" had a pet and he got loose?

Betty said...

alan g: Hah. I didn't think of Sasquatch. It's possible. LOL

Kell said...

I have to admit when you first told me your thought about the Ramsey murder, I thought Mom and her conspiracy theories. But now it's all over the news. I hang my head in shame.

saz said...

Just heard on the radio they're searching Richard Allen Davis' (Polly Klaas murderer) cell for something related to the Ramsey murder - stranger by the minute.