Sunday, July 02, 2006

Such a Disappoinment

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Ever look forward to reading a book, only to find that it is not what you thought it would be? When I get several new books, I sort them in the order I want to read them, usually saving what I think will be the best for last. Given my advanced age, I should probably break that little habit.

That's what I did with the latest Iris Johansen, "Countdown". Not that it was a bad book, it was just more like a Romance novel pretending to be a Mystery, and I don't like Romance novels.

It is a sequel to a book she wrote quite awhile ago, and I've forgotten much about the first one, except that it didn't read like a Romance. It features Jane MacGuire, foster daughter of Eve and Joe Quinn, and is set in Scotland. The search is on for Cira's gold, and drama ensues, with Jane enmeshed in the search with the dashing and dangerous Mark Trevor and the dashing and not as dangerous Laird of the Manor Whatshisname MacDuff. I'm sure she gave him a first name, but I'm hanged if I can find it, as she tends to refer to all the men by their last names. Manly men, all, especially Jock, the brainwashed killer who MacDuff is trying to deprogram .

Anyway, the first half of the book is Jane trying to repress her lustful feelings for the smouldering Trevor, and Trevor trying to be a gentleman about it all, between cold showers, until I wanted to throw the book across the room and shout, "For heaven's sake, go ahead and sleep with him. It's not like you're some simpering virgin!" Ahem, well excuse me. Got a little carried away there.

On and on and on until by the end of the book they still haven't found Cira's gold, but, they're closer and lust has been satisfied, so it's not a total loss. And, God help me, she leaves the possibility of yet another sequel.

As you might have realized THAT was NOT a cozy. But, here's one. "Mallets Aforethought" by Sarah Graves. Her main character is Jacobia Triptee, nicknamed Jake. She's a contractor and her crew is made up of women. Her books are dubbed "Home Repair Homicide" mysteries, and there is usually a body found in whatever old house or building she is trying to remodel. She includes some remodeling tips throughout the book. Light fare, but entertaining. This time, she finds two bodies in a plastered up wall, one body is at least 20 years old and the other one was killed in the past 48 hours. How did they both come to be in that wall together, you ask? Well, you'll have to read the book and find out. I'm not here to ruin your fun.

That ought to do it for this week. Happy reading!


saz said...

Oh Betty - You have me chuckling about the first book. I don't like romances either but for some dumb reason picked up "Dreamboat" at the library cuz it was on their "featured" shelf. Read 5 pages and took it back. Not my cuppa tea. Adding "Home Repair Homicide" to my ever growing list (thanks to you).

F&W said...

"...usually saving what I think will be the best for last. Given my advanced age, I should probably break that little habit."

Oh, puh-lease. If Jay is 38, you can't be that old. You were just saving it for "dessert", right?

Thanks for the heads-up on the not-so-cozy and on the "Home Repair Homicide".

I think I'll hit the library tomorrow. :o)

saz said...

Betty - What do you mean this ought to do it for the week? We want more book reviews NOW!

Betty said...

Saz: OK, maybe twice a week, until I run out of authors or patience, whichever comes first. How would Mondays and Thursdays be?

Kell said...

You don't have to review books you've just read, though. You can talk about books you've read a while ago, too. And do a review every day! OK, so maybe every day might be a little excessive. But I know how fast you read . . .

saz said...

I could live with twice a week - you're better than the book section in my Sunday paper! I trust your judgement and my list keeps getting bigger and bigger.