Saturday, July 01, 2006

Stream of Consciousness

OK, I know nobody seems to post on the weekends, but if I try to hold the thoughts until Monday, I'll forget.

I'm so glad we've turned the corner in Iraq. Only 44 killed yesterday and 66 today.


Did anybody see the picture of that 1300 lb. Hammerhead Shark someone caught? Yikes! And, when they cut her open, they found 55 babies. No population problems with these sharks, huh? I guess some animal rights folks will be complaining. Don't get me wrong. I love sharks. I especially loved Bruce, in "Jaws". There's no telling how many times I've watched "Jaws", "JawsII" and "Jaws III". I refused to watch the fourth time around. Too much.


How about the Japenese Prime Minister? Isn't he a cute old dude? I just loved watching him enjoy Graceland. Too bad Dubya couldn't unbend enough to join the fun. He looked pained in every picture I saw. Imagine if it had been Clinton with the Prime Minister. Talk about your Karaoke!

That's enough for today.

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saz said...

Yup - Iraq really makes you feel like celebrating the 4th - doesn't it?