Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Promises, Promises

I try not to ever break a promise, although I imagine I have at times done just that. It occurs to me that there are promises and then there are PROMISES. Just as there are lies and there are LIES.

Politicians break promises all the time. They just open their mouths and the promises come pouring out. They're so afraid that if they don't promise everybody everything, they won't get elected.

We promise (swear) to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

We promise to love and honor, if not obey.

We promise our children a good spanking when we get them home.

"The check's in the mail."

"I'll still respect you in the morning."

"This is a one-owner car."

"This is going to hurt you more than it will me."

"This'll may sting a little."

"I'll never drink that much again."

"I'll start eating right."

"I'll start exercising tomorrow."

Any of the above sound familiar?

A gentleman sent me an e-mail saying he enjoys my blog. I was so flattered, I promised to mention his new book, now available at Barnes & Noble. It's by Jeremy Moore, and called "Voting My Faith"

Another promise kept.


saz said...

But is it a mystery?

Just kidding....

F&W said...

Saz brings up a good point! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Moore sends that note to everyone with a blog.

Anonymous said...

In fact Jeremy's personal note goes something like this:

"I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your
blog. I wrote a blog myself for four years, and I reached almost
4,000 weekly readers before I shut it down. It's exciting for me to
see others "carry the torch" of online publishing.

I recently published a book of the best posts from my blog. The book
is called "Voting My Faith," and I was wondering if you'd be
interested in posting a link to it on your site.

Barnes and, where my book is available for purchase, has an
affiliate program where if anyone buys a book through a link on your
site you get between a 5% to 10% royalty.

It's a chance for us both to make some money.

You can put other books on your site too, but I would be honored if
you would consider posting mine.

I look forward to visiting your site again soon.

Best regards,

Jeremy Moore"

A savvy self-promoter, that one....

Mike said...

He sent me the same spam, make sure to return the favor.