Friday, June 09, 2006

Ta-Ta Tom

Good-bye, Tom Delay, good-bye.
We won't miss you, it's no lie.
You are crooked at best,
Should be under arrest,
So, good-bye, Tom Delay, good-bye.

So long, Tom Delay, so long.
We heard your pitiful swan song.
You'll never repent,
'Cause your morals are bent,
So long, Tom Delay, so long.

Heigh-ho, Tom Delay, heigh-ho.
Won't you simply shut up and go?
Your speech in the House,
Made you sound like a louse,
Heigh-ho, Tom Delay, Heigh-ho.

Toodle-oo, Tom Delay, toodle-oo
Take your unethical wife with you.
You may try to come back,
But, we'll give you the sack.
Toodle-oo, Tom Delay, Toodle-oo.


Jay said...

That is great!

Kell said...

Ditto that!