Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nothing Much

So, the House is holding hearings on how to make the internet safe for kids. Good luck to them. How about parents getting into the act, for a change, and monitoring their kids' internet use.
The flag protection amendment was defeated by the Senate today. By only one vote. What is wrong with the Democrats? They used to be for freedom of speech and various civil rights. They're so afraid to make a wrong move that will seal their doom in the coming election. Wusses, every one.
Small towns do love their festivals, don't they? Last week, one of the towns in our area had the annual Elk Festival. My own town had a Crawdad Festival a month or so ago. They had to import the crawdads, of course. And, in the fall, there will be a Harvest Home Festival.

At my apartment complex, we received a notice that our 4th of July celebration will be, inexplicably, Monday, the 3rd, or Tuesday the 4th, if it rains. I'm not even going to ask why.

But, the one that interests me the most (not enough to attend, but I am mildly intrigued) is the festival that is going to be held in the county just west of us. They will undoubtedly have all the entertainment that all the towns usually have, culminating in the Cow Patty Drop. They have to move the Cow Patty Drop from Saturday to Sunday this year because the crowds got so big last year, they made the cow nervous. I'm not joking.

And, in Oklahoma, there is the Automatic Weapons Festival which is scheduled for this week. It's a world gone mad.


F&W said...

I agree that parents should be doing the Internet policing!

Cow patty drop? Is that kind of like cow patty bingo?

Automatic weapons festival? What the ???

Being Canadian, can you briefly explain what the 'flag protection' amendment is? I'm afraid to Google it and get a bizillion hits that don't make sense to me.

saz said...

Ok Betty - You got us - more info on the Cow Patty Drop Festival please......

Anonymous said...

What town has the frog jumping contest?

Jay said...

You forgot about Toad Suck Daze down in Conway in May. haha

Also, Mark Pryor stood up to both the gay marriage ban and flag burning amendment. He's a great American.

Kell said...

And Turkey Trot in Yellville!

Betty said...

Kell: I'm saving that one for October. lol

joared: I think the frog jumping contest is at Toad Suck Daze in Conway.

chelle: I think the two are similar, but I'm no expert. Haha

The flag protection amendment is just more political posturing by the GOP. They think it ought to be illegal to burn the American flag. I don't know how they would get around the fact that burning it is the only legal way to retire an old, worn out, tattered flag. But, there you have the GOP. If any amendment should accidentally pass the Senate and House, it would have to be ratified by 3/4 of the states. That's a pretty steep hill to climb.

saz: I've never been to it, and wouldn't admit it if I had. lol

Anonymous said...

Geez...and we just have boring festivals like the Strawberry Festival and the Garlic Festival....I guess we're gonna have to move.

Are you really sure we parents are smart enough to monitor our own kids? I mean they have to make seatbelt laws of all things...we parents NEED Big Brother to step in for us! ;)