Thursday, June 22, 2006

Book Review

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This won't be a real book review this time, just an introduction. My reading habits have narrowed a bit over the years in interest because I am well past the age of trying to impress people with my knowledge of "deep" literature, thank goodness. I only read for entertainment these days.

So many books, so little time. I love to read. Mostly, I read mysteries, although I have been known to stray into the bestseller lists, occasionally. But, NEVER romances, bleah, and I swore off Stephen King a long time ago. I love a good disaster, such as "Jaws", "The Towering Inferno", and "Poseidon Adventure".

When my daughter lived in San Antonio, she took me to a little mystery book store called, "Remember the Alibi" and introduced me to cozies. And, I've been hooked ever since. In England, I discovered British cozies, which expanded my interests. But, when I read my fill of cozies, I need an infusion of pure violence, so I read mysteries that feature Forensic Anthropologists, or police thrillers.

I just finished re-reading two books by John Sandford, "Eyes of Prey" and "Naked Prey". Plenty of violence for anyone's taste. He writes more than one series, but the "Prey" series is the one I like best. His main character, Lucas Davenport, started out as a cop, then screwed up and went off on his own, still ending up as an investigator. I must admit, I like him better now that he has his head straight.

That's enough for now. Next time, I'll try a "real" book review.


Kell said...

this is a great idea! I love the banner. I've thought about reading the "Prey" series. Most people rave about them.

saz said...

Hi Betty - This is my first visit to your blog and I'm intrigued! What's a cozie? Better yet.... what's a British cozie? Would love some book titles.

Mary said...

Love your blog. Wish I'd had some idea that the last book I read would be so bad- would have saved some time. After the first ten chapters, which were okay, the book totally changed and lost me!

Tink said...

I'm always open for new book suggestions! I HATE romance novels but love pretty much everything else:

Jean Auel
Kurt Vonnegut
Morgan Llywelyn
Jacqueline Carey
Michael Crichton
Roald Dahl

Betty said...

Saz, if Agatha Christie were writing her Miss Marple series today, it would be a cozy, and a British cozy, at that.

saz said...

AHA! Now I get it. A little like the Agatha Raisin series? I also just discovered a good british mystery - The Smile Of A Ghost by Phil Rickman tho I don't think it's a "cozy" but a fun read.

Can't wait to read your next book review and "thanks" for answering my question!

F&W said...

Oh Betty - how I wish we were closer. You and I could do a book exchange any day. Have you tried the 87th Precinct Series by Ed McBain?

Love the Sandford 'prey' books too!

How about Lawrence Sanders? Tried any of his yet?

I also love Robert B. Parker's 'Spenser' series. Light. Fluffy. Delectable. Witty dialogue.